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The Vencer Sarthe, a new super-car from Holland

By Robert Myles     May 27, 2012 in Technology
There hasn't been a home based car manufacturer in Holland since the days of DAF but specialist car-maker Vencer is about to change all that.
The Netherlands is not a country one would immediately associate with car production although the Dutch company did produce the idiosyncratic 2-cylinder, continuously variable transmission DAFs for a number of years before Volvo acquired DAF cars in 1975. DAF truck division continued to produce commercial vehicles with gigantism a seemingly standard feature.
A typical Dutch produced DAF 2 cylinder car from the 1960s and 1970s
A typical Dutch produced DAF 2 cylinder car from the 1960s and 1970s
Wikimedia Commons huhbakker
Now the Dutch are about to re-enter the car market reports French newspaper Le Maine Libre. The difference is that this time round, instead of producing the chug-along DAFs, which looked and sounded like they were a couple of steps up the evolutionary ladder from bicycles, they’ve gone to the other extreme and are developing a 510 bhp super-car. Not only that, the new car has been named the Vencer Sarthe evoking the romance of the Le Mans 24 Hours race and the world famous Circuit de la Sarthe, the venue for the annual 24 hour endurance race.
1.4 tonnes of Power
The two-seater Vencer Sarthe is about as far removed from ‘60s and ‘70s era DAFs as it is possible to be. The Sarthe dream machine weighs in at 1390 kg (a shade over 3000 lbs) despite being constructed on a lightweight tubular chassis with a tubular steel main chassis, chrome-molybdenum safety cage, aluminium honeycomb floor pan and lightweight carbon body panels. The mid-body V8 power-train produces a massive 510 bhp claimed to be capable of taking the Sarthe from 0 to 100 kph in 3.8 seconds via a manual 6 speed limited slip differential gearbox.
Based at the town of Twente in the Netherlands, niche manufacturer Vencer has developed the exclusive hand-built Vencer Sarthe from scratch with the aim of producing a powerful sports car with excellent driving characteristics and a unique appearance.
The Vencer company is a very new arrival to the world of automobile manufacture having been founded by Robert Cobben at the end of 2010. The founder’s conviction was that he could build a superb sports car and, assisted by a small, dedicated engineering team, his dream is about to become a reality with the first orders now being taken for the Vencer Sarthe.
Only a very limited number of Vencer Sarthe’s will be produced each year and, as might be expected with a car like the Vencer Sarthe, the price is available on application.
The Vencer Sarthe at Le Mans' Circuit de la Sarthe? One day, perhaps....
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