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article imageNew wave of citizen journalists — interview with Luke Rudkowski

By Anne Sewell     May 26, 2012 in World
New York - A new wave of journalists is in the making - they attend events in person and livestream everything to the world. The video is an interview with Luke Rudkowski, one such citizen journalist.
Max Keiser interviews Luke Rudkowski of We are Change.
They discuss the mainstream media and how it is controlled and will only show you what they want you to see.
He explains how, with a good quality cell phone, you can attend an event and capture it as it happens. There is no hiding of the actual event. It is clear and right in front of you.
A live feed cannot be disputed, as seen in the recent case against Alexander Arbuckle, reported by Digital Journal on May 17, 2012, where Tim Pool's video footage clearly showed that the NYPD were lying. The court case ran for a whole two hours before Arbuckle was cleared of his "crime".
Rudkowski and another citizen journalist, Tim Pool, recently attended the anti-NATO protests in Chicago and recorded events as they happened. While they had press credentials to actually attend the NATO conference, they decided to rather show the other side of things and instead reported the protests themselves.
As reported by Digital Journal the apartment the citizen journalists were staying at in Chicago was raided by the police. A large number of police officers were stopping people from getting into the apartment. The owner of the apartment told Pool and Rudkowski about this and told them not to tell anyone about it. When the owner went there, the doors were open and the alarm was sounding.
As Pool contacted the National Lawyers Guild to ask how to approach this situation, eight police cars pulled up. Homeland Security interrogated Pool and Rudkowski's friend, who is loosely affiliated with We are Change Milwaukee. He was taken to the Homeland Security fusion center and questioned about Rudkowski, asking how does he know him, where was he staying, who was he with and how long he was staying in Chicago.
As this was happening, Pool and Rudkowski's car was pulled over by the CPD, along with many others. There was a truck from Homeland Security on the scene. As guns were drawn on the citizen journalists, Rudkowski started livestreaming the event as it was happening. The livestream was turned off by the CPD and was deleted. Fortunately Tim Pool of Timcast was streaming and managed to capture the moment.
The CPD and Homeland Security were actually watching the livestream and were looking for the journalists. Rudkowski explains that while the situation was weird and very scary, they decided they would not be intimidated and carried on with their live reporting of the event.
The next event to be covered by Rudkowski is the Bilderberg Conference to be held in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31st to June 3rd, 2012.
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