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article imageFather who went for kidney stones discovers he is a woman

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 25, 2012 in Health
Denver - Steve Crecelius, a photographer from Denver, Colorado, who has a wife and six children, went to hospital for a kidney stone ultrasound. But he got unexpected news. The ultrasound results revealed that he has woman's internal organs.
Steve, who now lives as a woman "Stevie," says she is fortunate to have a wife and six children who are giving her support.
Crecelius has male genitalia, but the ultrasound showed she also has internal female sex organs, a condition known as "intersex."
Crecelius said: "I had a kidney stone and we’re in the emergency room. The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says, 'Huh, this says you’re a female.' It validated everything I had always felt inside."
Crecelius was afraid to talk about the ultrasound results with his family for fear he would lose them. But his wife, Debbie, who was with him when the results were read, encouraged him. Denver Post reports Debbie told Stevie she'd always known she had female traits. According to the Denver Post, Debbie was supportive and reacted to the surprising news by taking Stevie shopping for her first bra.
Stevie spoke of more than four decades of hiding her female persona behind the veil of a male persona: "I remember wearing my mom’s clothes and makeup, very secretly, not telling anybody." ABC News reports that Crecelius said all her life she had always felt different. She said: “When I was about 6 years old, I started having these feminine feelings, but that was in the ’60s. Wearing my mom’s makeup, I thought I looked pretty."
According to NY Daily News, Crecelius recalled an incident when she was a teenager: “When I was 17, I was working my first part-time job at a TV station as a floor cameraman and the person in charge said to me, ‘You know, you walk like a queer.' And I thought I was hiding who I was, and I wasn’t.”
Debbie admitted that it wasn't an easy decision for her. She feared losing her husband of 25 years. According to ABC News, she told Crecelius, “You know, when I first saw you, I said to myself, ’He runs like a girl.’”
Debbie went through a phase of mourning the loss of her husband. Crecelius said: “I think we were pretty good when she began to mourn the loss of her husband. We worked through what we needed to. The concept of unconditional love is a larger story.”
But Debbie finally made a resolve and said to Stevie: "You will be who you are." She told Fox 31: "I didn’t sign on for this, but who signs on for anything? She’s the same person she was as a he on the inside."
Debbie said that coming to the open about it was challenging. "He asked me, 'What if you meet someone along the way?' I said, 'What if you meet someone?' The road goes both ways."
According to Daily Mail, the couple have been together for 25 years and still share a room and bed. Crecelius said: "She still relates to my heart and soul, and I still relate to hers, and I think that that’s the essence of true love."
Daily Mail reports that Crecelius was very concerned about telling their six children but when they got to know they were very supportive. ABC News reports she said, “We told them individually. Every one of them said, ‘We don’t care one way or the other. We love you for who you are and you’re still my dad.’”
She was most worried about telling one of her sons who is a Marine. Denver Post reports Stevie said, "He's a man's man. We were kind of worried."
But even the "man's man" said: "I don’t care dad; I love you for who you are." Stevie, happy about the support she is getting from her entire family, said she is the "luckiest woman in the world." She enthused: "It’s so liberating to be able to be and express how I feel inside."
According to Denver Post, the Marine son said: "You are always going to be the patriarch to the family. A trillion people on this planet would give anything to have the love that is in this family."
Stevie is excited at the acceptance she is getting. She said: "I'm definitely excited. It's something I never thought would be possible, because I thought people would hate me or make fun of me."
ABC News reports that Crecelius is hoping she can be an advocate for those born intersex and same-sex couples. “I think of bullying, because I haven’t heard anyone talk about this. It’s important to talk about. People need to be accepting and understand. I was born this way, and loving each other and supporting each other will always be the main factor in our household.”
According to Daily Mail, Crecelius said she has decided not to undergo gender reassignment surgery but she is taking hormones.
Intersex in humans
Intersex, in humans and animals, is the presence of combinations of the physical features that ordinarily distinguish female from male. The condition is considered congenital and involves chromosomal variations, genital ambiguity, or sex developmental differences. An intersex individual may have biological characteristics of both the male and the female sexes. Intersexuality in medicine applies to human beings whose biological sex cannot be classified as clearly male or female. For instance, a person may have male genitals but also have fallopian tubes and ovaries, or a person may have female genitalia but have testes inside their body or male chromosomes. According to the Intersex Society of North America, medical experts say one in 1,500 are born with notable atypical genitalia, and according to the society, more than 1,500 people are born intersex every year in North America.
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