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article imageGreek crisis: 90-year-old woman and son in double suicide leap

By Katerina Nikolas     May 24, 2012 in World
Athens - A 90-year-old woman and her 60-year-old son leapt to their deaths from the roof of a five-storey building in Athens early Thursday morning. The double death marks the latest in a rising epidemic of economic induced suicides in Greece.
Athens News reported the deceased man was unemployed musician Antonis Perris, who cared for his mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Neighbours say the pair had economic difficulties. Anthonis Perris had been without work for two years, leaving the pair to manage on his mother's pension of just €340 per month.
The night before his death Anthonis made a post on Internet site “Stixoi." Keep Talking Greece quoted his post which said:
"Since 20 years I take care of my mother, who developed Alzheimer in the last 3-4 years. She has more health problems and seniors’ homes do not accept patients with so many health problems.
The problem is that I didn’t predict that I should have cash because the economic crisis came suddenly. Even though I have been selling our possessions, we have no cash flow, we have no money to buy food anymore, my credit card is full with 22% interest rate, we have running expenses.
I have been living a dramatic life. Now I have new serious health problems. I have no solution in front of me. Enough possessions, but not cash, therefore how to get along without food? Does anyone know of a solution?
Powerful of this earth, for the economic crisis you created, you need to be hung. And that’s not enough."
In April the New York Times cited figures showing the "suicide rate among men increased more than 24 percent from 2007 to 2009" as a result of the economic crisis in Greece. CNN reported that Klimaka, a suicide help-line, receives up to 100 calls a day, with the organization saying "The social framework in Greece has become pathogenic - we have a morbid social environment where one of its symptoms is suicide."
Prior to the economic crisis Greece had one of the lowest suicide rates in the world.
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