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article imageTrayvoning: New Internet meme sparks outrage

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 24, 2012 in Internet
A new Internet meme called "Trayvoning" is catching on very quickly online. A new "Trayvoning" page on Facebook defines "Trayvoning" as "when you get a hoodie, get skittles, get Arizona, wear hoodie, go to Florida and get shot." says all you need to Trayvon is "a hoodie and some skittles," and "even a black guy can go Trayvoning." notes that Trayvoning appears to have no purpose other than to trivialize and mock the death of the black teen. The website reports that a photo was posted on a Trayvoning page showing President Obama giving thumbs up to George Zimmerman.
There are various creative variations of the Trayvoning meme, but a typical Trayvoning photo shows a person wearing a hoodie, lying spread on the ground, usually face-down as if dead, with a bag of skittles and iced tea in each hand.
Clutch Magazine reports that people are posting their Trayvoning pictures online and asking others to share and like their unique Trayvoning pose.
Clutch Magazine observes that, "On one page it’s clear from the comments that the participants think this is a fun and cool thing to do... "
While these people see Trayvoning as just another Internet meme like "Tebowing" "Owling" and "Planking," others are expressing shock at what appears heartless mockery of the death of 17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was killed on the night of February 26 by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.
The Christian Post reports that resistance to the spread of the new meme is gathering online. Someone railed against the creator of the Facebook page dedicated to Trayvoning, saying: "You got major Problems ahead of you, God does not like Ugly. I pray for your forgiveness. You may have laughed with your friends but your sick and need help."
Another person wrote: "This is the most insulting... that i have ever seen!"
Yet another person said: "This is disrespectful to his parents and the world. You should be ashamed."
According to The Christian Post, though it is not clear who started the page, people are calling for the page to be taken down and others have vowed to begin a social media war to have the page taken down. A Facebook user said: "You guys are some... wonders. I am reposting this ASAP. Hope you guys are ready for social media war! You can't hide... I got your IP address!" reports that there are several Facebook pages dedicated to Trayvoning and people are submitting photos of themselves Trayvoning. The website marvels disbelievingly: "Man, oh man, some people are truly heartless." compares the new trend to "Planking," a trend "running through our children like syphilis."
According to, Planking, Tebowing and Owling were merely "whimsical, playful memes," but Trayvoning is not. MSN condemns Trayvoning, saying: "we're not even going to dignify this cynical and heartless brand of jackassery with the lightness that calling it a meme imbues. This misguided attempt at turning a teenager's death into an Internet trend are infuriating and deplorable."
Clutch Magazine comments: "...can’t think of anyone’s murder—black or white—that has ever been mocked in such a disrespectful way and this act is just further proof that it’s impossible for America to see a black boy as a victim. "
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