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article imageSurvey says: What you drive impacts how you feel about yourself

By John Duarte     May 22, 2012 in Technology
Toronto - Snicker if you want, but a recent study shows that a larger number of people feel how attractive they are depends partly on the car they drive.
According to The CarCourting Report, a study commissioned by and conducted by Angus Reid Forum, more than one third of Canadians under the age of 35 say that driving a sexy vehicle makes them feel more attractive.
“We discovered that people not only judge others on the type of car they drive, they also internalize their choices - cars appear to be a key part of how we identify ourselves personally,” said Trader Corp. Director of Marketing Ian MacDonald.
The survey results showed that almost 40 per cent of women and nearly half of men polled reported they feel better about the way they look and appeal to others based on the vehicle they are driving. The figures are even more staggering when seeing that 47 per cent of respondents under the age of 35, who feel that image is the most important factor, think that people should drive a vehicle matching their personality.
“Canadians really didn’t hold back in this study, showing us that although choosing a car might seem like a wholly rational decision, emotion and even social implications are a major influence on Canadian car buyers,” MacDonald said, commenting on the fact that survey results indicated that over 60 per cent of Canadians admitted they would walk away from their dream vehicle it wasn’t the “right colour.”
The CarCourting Report also revealed that one in five Canadians agree that people should drive a vehicle that matches their appearance. Survey respondents were asked to assign selected car models to a number of Canadian celebrities. Based on popular vote, the survey showed people thought Ryan Gosling would be best matched to a Ford Mustang, Shania Twain and Michael Bublé should be linked to a 3 Series BMW, Alanis Morissette and the Toyota Prius go well together, Wayne Gretzky screams Subaru Forester and Pamela Anderson is most like a Porsche 911.
The online survey of over Angus Reid Forum members was conducted earlier this month. Results showed that seven in 10 Canadians are not “in love” with their current vehicle and 58 per cent admitted they would test drive many different makes and models in order to find which one they liked the best.
“This study confirmed our hypothesis that the car-buying process is a very social and emotional one today,” MacDonald concluded.
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