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article imageOp-Ed: Washington DC: stranger offered Eric Holder's ballot

By Larry Clifton     May 22, 2012 in Politics
Washington - There are many in the U.S. who believe the right to vote – a right tens of thousands of Americans have died to preserve – isn’t worth the trouble of flashing a photo ID.
These folks, in my opinion, are either incredibly naive or have a political agenda that approves of voter fraud for whatever reasons. States offer photo IDs free of charge and voters may cast their ballots ahead of Election Day or by mail.
But for some reason, the Democratic Party by in large doesn't see a need for voters to prove who they are at the polls, let alone their citizenship.
When did Americans’ precious right to vote become unworthy of an electoral institution based on integrity? How is it that we don't care if our votes are cancelled by systematic electoral fraud within a corrupt institution that doesn’t discern between dead, living and duplicate voters on its rolls?
Voter fraud isn't a problem, right? Surely no one would have the gall to vote twice, or vote illegally in our country. Someone has our back on voter fraud, right? Is that what Democrat leaders really believe or are they masking political motives?
Would you do business with a bank that would allow anyone off the streets to walk in and make a withdrawal from your account? Of course not – that’s an absurdity. The bank is concerned about fraud, concerned enough to require a photo ID. So why do we stand for this nonsensical claim by Democratic Party leaders that photo IDs are an infringement on voting rights? It’s time hold the electoral process that largely determines our future and the future of our children responsible. Since it is one political party that continually rails against requiring photo IDs to vote, Americans should use the electoral system to reprimand Democrats for their inaction in November. One day, if we fail to shield our electoral process from fraud, it will be fraud that determines our fate.
While voter fraud in Chicago, Illinois, is legendary, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC and many other states have been the subject of widespread polling scandals and fraud.
But a picture is worth a thousand words, and to that end, I urge you to watch the attached video to see just how easily voter fraud can be conducted. The incompetence is so blatant that fraud seems to be encouraged by some poll workers.
How can a complete stranger walk into a polling precinct in Washington DC, give Attorney General Eric Holder’s name, and be allowed to cast a vote? That’s your electoral system as it stands.
Seems unbelievable, right? But poll workers, on Primary Day in Washington, DC, offered US Attorney General Eric H Holder's ballot to vote... to a complete stranger. Other voting locations in Washington, DC offered to sign for ballots in the video.
Eric Holder has said multiple times that no evidence of Voter Fraud exists. Put politics aside for a moment and watch the video before commenting.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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