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article imageOp-Ed: In Next Big Thing Mode, market subhumans decide nerds are sexy

By Paul Wallis     May 22, 2012 in Entertainment
Sydney - If you have a vocabulary, are able to use furniture without a chaperone and don’t eat with orifices other than your mouth, you’re a nerd. “The market”, the same wannabe sub-morons who invented the non-word nerd, are bleating that nerds are sexy.
Special note for jock “readers”- This article contains things called words, which are sometimes used to mean things. Diapers are not included with the following information and no liability for brain injuries will be accepted.
The market apparently cottoned on after the rest of the world did. Several thousand years after the rest of the world did, in fact. In all cultures other than the faux Western media culture, which is derived from the failing livers and bottomless IQ scores of media market gurus, intelligence is respected. This new revelation comes nearly 30 years after the big computer boom and the evolution of an almost totally different world culture from the one these insects were trained to analyse.
It's an interesting historical footnote that one of the world's most innovative nations, the United States of America, has an ingrained hatred of the intelligence which creates innovation. Hatred of intelligence is actually jealousy. The untalented hate the talented, the dumb kids hate the bright kids and employers actively attempt to keep talented employees away from management positions.
This culture has put people who would be incapable of running a dunghill and change global finances and whole nations. Media culture is now actually devoted to the lowest common denominator, people who can barely read or write and have never understood why they should read or write.
Most of the so-called intelligentsia college grads apparently never read a book after they leave college. They then wonder why they're hopelessly out of date in about five years after getting a degree. Apparently, nobody taught them that hard, complex information in some cases simply cannot be put on a post-it note or in a text message.
Now these mighty intellects have decided that nerds are cool. They point out all week highly successful nerds online and – gasp – actually think that some nerds might be able to make money. You may wonder why anybody is paying people to come up with revelations like this, but it's actually a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.
Why do idiots do anything?
Because they're idiots.
The Sydney Morning Herald has an article identifying some successful nerds, which is hilarious reading when you bear in mind that it leaves out most of the richest and most successful people on Earth in the last 30 years. Even funnier for me is the fact that the idea that there might actually be Australian nerds isn't mentioned in the article.
There’s one instance of American media culture at work in the article. Apparently there’s somebody called Jimmy Kimmel?
Tempers flared when actor Jaimie Alexander appeared on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year to promote her adventure-fantasy movie Thor. Alexander told the audience she was ''geek squared'' and broke into an impression of the Star Wars character Chewbacca.
The only real question there is why is there somebody called Jimmy Kimmel? SPCA ran out of options? The YouTube channel of Kimmel’s show didn’t even have the balls to have a clip. Typical jock- Grovel to the boss, grovel to the girlfriend, grovel to the audience.
The vocabulary of the article is interesting, though. It includes:
• Nerds
• Geeks
• Dweebs
• Dorks
…And the rest of the subhuman vocabulary. Those four words actually are about half of the spoken vocabulary.
I'm what you'd call an uber-nerd. I despise jocks. Always have, and I’ve sent a few for medical treatment with the odd fist. I don't really give a damn about what a collection of spineless, testosterone-inferior, steroid-fondling pseudo-athletic, lemonade-drinking and smoking pissant nobodies have to say (or belch) about anything.
Bleat on, bitch boys. There are other nerds, called doctors, lawyers, financiers (real ones) and employers who know what to do with you- and to you. Just remember, jocks- We run things. We invent the machines. We call what comes on your pathetic phone, TV and computer screens. You’re nothing. Suck on it, you ridiculous little peasants.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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