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article imageVideo: Daredevil teens scale 1,000-ft bridge without safety gear

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 21, 2012 in Internet
Vladivostok - Footage of a group of Russian teenagers scaling one of the tallest structures in Russia without safety equipment has been posted online. The clip shows the three taking photos from the top of the 1,000 ft high Russky Island Bridge near Vladivostok.
The three-minute clip shows the teenagers in a carefree manner, laughing and joking as they climb the Russky Island Bridge near Vladivostok in eastern Russia. The youngsters celebrate reaching the top of the structure with V-signs and high-fives. An amazing scene shows one of the teens making a convincing demonstration of his complete lack of fear of heights by stepping over the parapet of the bridge walkway to dangle his foot over the precipice before high-fiving his friends. reports that the identity of the teenagers is still unrevealed and it is uncertain whether their exploit will get them into trouble with the Russian authorities.
Daily Mail reports the daredevil stunt of the teenagers is reminiscent of a similar stunt in September when four youngsters filmed themselves scaling the Moskovskyi Bridge in Kiev, Ukraine, and uploaded the footage to YouTube.
According to Daily Mail, the Russky Island Bridge will be the world's largest cable-stayed bridge when it opens to the public in September. It is a 1,885m structure designed to carry four lanes of traffic over the Eastern Bosphorus strait which separates Vladivostok from Russky Island.
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