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article imageOp-Ed: Naazim Richardson should end his partnership with Shane Mosley

By William Charles Baker     May 21, 2012 in Sports
Las Vegas - If there was concern for Shane Mosley after his loss to Manny Pacquiao his showing on the Mayweather Cotto undercard answered any questions. Canelo Alvarez let Naazim Richardson know it was time to avoid training Mosley for any future fights.
Even his sage advice to Mosley that Alvarez was only fighting in the latter portion of a round and to be more aggressive during different stages the younger fighter pounded hard shots at will. Uppercuts and body shots that could be heard as they landed were unable to take Mosley out thus adding to the luster of his career of never being KOed. A negative factor that has served in recent fights as a calling card to younger and more distinguished champions.
ESPN Boxing reports: “Alvarez, with his youth and power, muscled his way past Mosley, whose reflexes and speed are gone at age 40 after a 19-year career and hundreds of amateur fights.”
For Mosley the slippage began after the aborted knock out attempt during the Floyd Mayweather fight and that failure may have been the last highlight of his career. The finishing instinct that used to be and was there against Antonio Margarito vanished. For the fan that despises Mayweather there was some vindication for their dollar and a renewed respect for the Sugar Shane that they once knew.
The sad and pathetic draw with Sergio Mora, a flashing dance master, made you wonder but could have been chalked up to a mental let down after being so close against Mayweather. Knowledgeable fans were not so certain. Mosley still had gifts but you wondered where his mind was. He lacked and looked like he lacked focus. For a professional fighter nobody knows it better than his trainer.
For Naazim Richardson the end was drawing near and before the salesmanship to land the Manny Pacquiao fight Mosley’s performance was declining fast. One last major fight and the money and possible upset could be understandable as a reason to continue had a fighter determined to win faced Pacquiao that night.
It was sad to see Naazim Richardson pleading with Mosley not to throw in the towel during the last Showtime Fight Camp 360 episode filmed during the Pacquiao super fight. Usually it is the other way around with the fighter begging to stay in the ring.
There is an old saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Here we have a worthy teacher that the student seems not to want to listen to. Constant requests to Mosley to “turn him” meaning Pacquiao in another direction by moving were either ignored or not heard.
It would have been better and easier on Mosley if he had not dragged a whole group of people into the embarrassing event with him. Manny Pacquiao can do it because he wins all the time and for the sake of the phony morality around town he has a wife and the same one we have come to see through all his fights.
Mosley led around and cruising with his entourage of well wishers and crowing family members and Naazim trying to boost confidence continually looked good with Jamie Foxx and L.L. Cool J at his side but ridiculous on the seat of his pants in the ring. The ever present and glowing Bella Gonzalez added another dimension as she served the role of perfect distraction and tabloid piece for the press.
Naazims line during 360 that he had Pacquiao figured out and now somebody else would profit from it should have been his goodbye resignation from Mosley. A frustrating talent that fell short in the Floyd Mayweather fight as well and the audio tapes between the rounds are enough to seal the case.
The bottom underground reality is that Mosley with his smiling and posturing and good guy image is not Sugar Ray Robinson or Sugar Ray Leonard but may be closer to Sugarfoot the laughable cartoon horse. He has great talent but seems to lack the desire to wade it out and throw everything into the game. His only goal seemed to be not to get knocked out having achieved that he was content. A question asked about what next was a smiling face and a vacation as an answer.
No shame, no anger, ice bag on his head in the ring after the fight and the average baseball player from kid to pro knows that you never touch the spot where the ball hit you. Not even just to rub. Show some guts and pride.
With Canelo Alvarez adding what should be the last beat up for Mosley and end to his hall of fame career the book is closed on a fighter. We are left with a trainer in Naazim Richardson that has worked at the championship level and hopefully will remain.
Bleacher Report reports: “Despite losing to Canelo Alvarez by decision, this was the perfect—okay, almost perfect, but good enough—way for Sugar Shane Mosley to end a storied career.”
The crystal ball is on the table and any more big fights or excuses about feet or shoes or whatever should be left at home. There may be other fights for Mosley and if the money is there hopefully Naazim will be able to pull back and let somebody else train Mosley. Some guy is out there that needs a trainer, wants a trainer, and has the skills to win and the heart to listen. Naazim Richardson can show him how.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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