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article imageVideo: Sex crime in progress — alleged pedophile stalks kids

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 21, 2012 in Crime
Hialeah - Police have arrested a man who allegedly stalked children around department stores and performed sex acts on himself after attracting their attention. Police say he was arrested after he was found stalking three girls through a store.
According to Miami Herald, retired chiropractor Jonathan Davis, turned himself in to the police late Friday night and posted bail after being charged with aggravated stalking of a minor under 16.
Daily Mail reports the man was arrested two months ago for allegedly performing a sex act in front of young girl in K-Mart in Hialeah, Florida. Now he has been arrested again for aggravated stalking of a minor.
Davis was arrested on Friday after security officers at a Burlington Coat Factory alleged he was stalking three girls under age 12 through the store. Miami Herald reports police say a security guard at the Burlington Coat Factory noticed Davis recording children in the store in late March.
Surveillance video shows Davis roaming the store allegedly stalking young girls under 12. Police say Davis appeared to be on the prowl surreptitiously taking video of girls as young 5, while touching himself.
According to police, Davis was filming with his cell phone camera as he wandered the store on the look out for young children. He hid behind aisles and made sounds such as "psst" or "ouch" to capture their attention. When the child turned around to look at Davis he would scratch his private parts.
CBS Miami reports police say that when Davis attracts a child's attention, he would get the children to perform sex acts on him by saying he was itchy and ask the child for help.
Miami Herald reports detective Felix Mendigutia explained: “You can see in the children’s eyes when they would first look up at him and then they would look down in the area in the lower part of his body."
According to police, he would also perform a sex act on himself after he has caught the child's attention. Police say Davis filmed children in several South Florida stores.
Police say Davis would sometimes ask a child where the toy department was and would ask for help to find a toy for his niece. According to police, he says things like "Where’s the toy section? I have a little niece. Can you help find this? What size shoe are you?"
CBS Miami reports Mendigutia said: "This is a guy is brazen. He's fearless. He's not afraid to get caught."
According to Mendigutia, surveillance camera shows Davis standing close to children who are with their parents. The police detective said: "In some cases I could actually see that a parent was holding a child by the hand. In some cases the parent was five feet from their child."
According to Daily Mail, audio police obtained from Davis' cell phone gave evidence of his efforts to distract the children. In one recording, Davis is allegedly heard whispering, "You can't see what I'm hiding." In another he allegedly tells a little girl: "You can't have a butt that nice when you're eight."
Police say over 80 videos were found on Davis' phone in which he is shown approaching young children. Detective Mendigutia said: I don't feel comfortable with the fact that he's out on bond and I'm very concerned for the children in our society."
Davis was released on $50,000 bail shortly after his arrest on Friday evening.
According to Miami Herald, in 2007, Davis faced three counts of indecent exposure in North Carolina that he pleaded no contest to. He allegedly exposed himself to people in a park, including a 15-year-old.
According to Iredell county documents, he was sentenced to two years of supervised probation and ordered to stay out of parks and playgrounds.
Daily Mail reports that after his cell phone was confiscated, he wrote an email to the responding officer apologizing for his behaviour. Mendigutia said: "He acknowledges that he has an issue and that he's gonna do something about it. He's gonna get help for it."
According to CBS Miami, Police say the case shows that parents need to supervise their children very closely. According to Mendigutia, Davis was unable to interact with children who were with their parents. He only recorded them.
He said: “The parents that were close to their kids, he couldn’t go that next step. The parent was too close by. So staying close to your children is always going to be the safest thing to do.”
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