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article imageNew raptor dinosaur discovered in Utah

By Katerina Nikolas     May 21, 2012 in Science
Salt Lake City - Paleontologists working in Utah have discovered fossilized bones which reveal a new species of raptor dinosaur about the size of a coyote. The fossils discovered are thought to be between 120 and 130 million years old.
The fossilized bones were discovered near Doelling's Bowl Bone Bed in Utah's Arches National Park by Utah State paleontologist Dr. James Kirkland. Dr. Kirkland announced the new raptor has been designated as a new dinosaur genus and species known as Yurgovuchia doellingi, News Daily reported.
Dr. Kirkland described the find as "real exciting," explaining that Doelling's Bowl site is "richer than any other place in the U.S. All we are finding are new species. I think there are places where what we are seeing (is) evolving populations."
The new dinosaur find was a predator belonging to a diverse family of raptors, distinguished by "their stiff tails and a large, recurved claw that protruded from the second toe of their hind feet."
Describing the find in a guest post on Archos Amusings, Dr. Kirkland writes that the new dinosaurs are "Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain at the base of the Cretaceous in eastern Utah."
Dinosaur buffs can read the research article documenting the findings in Doelling's Bowl, "New Dromaeosaurids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of Utah, and the Evolution of the Dromaeosaurid Tail, here.
The video below, from 'Walking With Dinosaurs' gives a visual insight into the raptor.
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