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article imageTeen sues police for unexpected spin in clothes dryer

By R. Francis Rubio     May 20, 2012 in Odd News
Clearfield - A Utah teen accused local police of acting "like a bunch of immature high schoolers" after officers turned on a clothes dryer the man was hiding in.
Nineteen-year-old Chandler Rose of Clearfield, Utah hid in a dryer New Year's Eve after police arrived at his friend's home to break up a party containing underage drinkers.
The friend told ABC 4 News "He hid in the dryer because he's scared of police."
"I went to hide," said Rose. "The closest thing was a dryer."
When the police arrived at the party, the teen said one of his friends helped him into the dryer and covered him with a comforter. However, Rose was unaware at the time that officers watched him climb into the dryer prior to entering the home.
"They claim they watched him go into the dryer as they watched from outside the home," said Loren Lambert, attorney for Rose. "But they said they didn't see whether he came out or not."
In the video recorded by police and obtained by Rose's lawyer, you can hear one of the officers ask the party guests: 'Hey, do you guys care if I do some laundry?" Shortly after the question was posed a teen in the background is heard to say: "No, go ahead."
"So there's no reason I shouldn't start the dryer?" said the officer moments before he asked someone to turn on the machine.
Rose said in the interview that he could not hear anything outside of the dryer during the back and forth between the police and his friends.
"Next thing I know I'm rolling in the dryer," said Rose. "My lower back felt like it was being pounded by a fist."
Rose said he had spun around about ten times in the dryer before the machine finally came to a stop.
In the video (after the dryer door opened) you can hear an officer asking Rose: "Did you have fun? That was pretty stupid wasn't it?" Then adding: "It was a dumb place to hide."
Lambert, Rose's attorney, is claiming the police knew his client was in the dryer all the time according to the video, saying, "He's just playing with them, he's enjoying the moment of showing them what he can do in that situation."
Rose said he is still hurting from the incident and claims he is going through rehabilitation to deal with the pain in his back.
Rose was the only one attending the party cited that night, charged with underage drinking and later fined $1300. This week Rose's lawyer filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court.
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