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article imageOp-Ed: People can make animals gay? Former Navy chaplain thinks so

By Kathleen Blanchard     May 19, 2012 in World
Jesus taught us the golden rule. That’s what Former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt said in an interview on the David Pakman show. That sounds pretty good, right?
Well, read on because Klingenschmitt also has some pretty interesting things to say about how humans can turn animals gay because of their inner demons, as well as how people are recruited toward homosexuality.
First, it might be important to explain how people become gay – according to Klingenschmitt. He says people are “recruited”. He also performs gay and lesbian exorcisms. He insists there is no genetic predisposition for homosexuality. Because there is no chance of procreation among homosexuals, the former Navy chaplain says gays have to be recruited through marketing.
Pakman asked about other species – 4000 of which have homosexuality but don’t have i-phones and TV’s to recruit them.
“It’s possible for demons or the devil to inhabit animals as well as humans”, responded Klingenschmitt. When Pakman challenged Klingenschmitt by asking if marketing also makes animals gay, Klingenschmitt says Pakman twisted what he said. What he does seem to say is that when demons inhabit animals that come from humans, it creates a “sin of lust”.
Pakman also asked if Klingenschmitt really could be recruited to “like men”. He responded - “well sure…”
Klingenschmitt said Pakman promotes homosexuality, putting his soul in danger. He thinks God will judge anyone who promotes sin harshly, but Pakman found it irrelevant because he doesn’t rely on what the Bible says.
Klingenschmitt was discussing Obama’s stance on homosexuality that he says is going to lead children astray and to Hell. It’s deception that makes people choose sin, he says, and Obama is leading our children in the wrong direction with his liberal stance. Pakman asks if being deceived can send people to Hell. Klingenschmitt thinks that’s so.
Mitt Romney, who came out in favor of homosexuals adopting children (but not his preference) is also abusive, according to Klingenschmitt. Pakman quickly cuts down the notion by pointing out that children raised in homosexual families have good outcomes. Gay humans cause homosexuality in animals? That’s a thought worth dwelling on – NOT.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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