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Goodwill receives accidental $14,000 donation, looking for owner

By Leigh Goessl     May 19, 2012 in Odd News
Saint Louis - The hunt is on for the donor of $14,000 to a Goodwill store located in St. Louis County, Mo. The store believes the donation was unintentional, as it was found carefully wrapped and mixed in with several Christmas decorations.
Now the store is trying to locate the donor who may have dropped the money off accidentally. On Thurs., Goodwill released surveillance video to the media in hopes of finding the money's owner.
According to St. Louis Today, the money was found by the store's manager when sifting through the donations on Wednesday.
Tina Wells, store manager at the MERS Goodwill on Baptist Church Road, was sorting through the donations earlier this week when she stumbled upon the stash of cash.
"I looked at it, then I shut the box. I said, 'ok,'" in a calm voice. St. Louis Today reported she said she then immediately called her boss. "Oh my God," she told district manager Latrice Clayborne, who was at a store in Florissant. "I have money. I found a lot of money."
Clayborne noted to Wells to check the authenticity of the bills, and Wells swiped the bills and determined the cash was not counterfeit. She then counted the money and found there was $14,505 in the meticulously wrapped box.
Goodwill says the donation was dropped off by two men who had arrived in a green Ford F150 pickup, pulling a white trailer. The duo dropped off several boxes last Tuesday afternoon.
At this time, no other information is being released in order to help weed out false claims.
“I know what kind of box it came in, I know specific ways it was done,” Wells had said at the time of the find. “So there’s specific ways that I’m going to know that it was that person’s donation.” Goodwill says there are several identifiers regarding the type of Christmas decorations it came in, including the unique wrapping paper.
Over a dozen people have come forward saying they dropped off the money, and Goodwill is turning the matter over to a local court to decide. One of the claimants reportedly does own the trailer seen in the surveillance footage.
Clayborne told the media this is the largest sum of money ever found in donations.
Goodwill has often received valuable donations, including cash, either unintentional or intentional. Recently, a very valuable ancient artifact was discovered in a Buffalo, N.Y. store.
If the proper owner is not identified in 30 days, Clayborne said the money will be donated to a program that Goodwill supports.
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