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article imageNicholas Gage: Alexis Tsipras the Pied Piper of Hellas

By Katerina Nikolas     May 19, 2012 in World
When the renowned Greek-American author and investigative journalist Nicholas Gage gave his opinions on the next potential Greek leader, Alexis Tsipras, it makes for sobering reading.
Nicholas Gage is the acclaimed author of 'Eleni,' the true account of his quest to uncover the murder of his mother at the hand of Greek Communists during the civil war. His depiction of the civil war years is a harrowing, despairing read, and an absolute must for those interested in that period of Greek history. Now Mr. Gage has given his opinions on the leftist leader of SYRIAZ in an op-ed piece in the New York Times, describing him as "bold, daring, cunning" and "very dangerous."
Comparing Tsipras to the Greek Communist leader Nikos Zachariadis, Mr. Gage writes the "new pied piper of Hellas is Alexis Tsipras, 37, the leftist rabble rouser with keen political instincts and few scruples."
Following Greece's May 6 elections the small party of the Democratic Left could have made up the numbers to form a coalition government, but refused to do so unless SYRIAZ joined the ranks, which it refused to do, preferring to hold out for an outright majority in second elections. According to Mr. Gage, an advisor to the Democratic Left said "his party would not join any coalition to form a government that did not include Syriza because Syriza would unleash such 'rage' that the government would not be allowed to stand 'even for a day.'"
Furthermore the piece expounds that Tsipras "is not averse to using every form of pressure and intimidation available to achieve his goals, as those who know Mr. Tsipras have testified" including condoning extremist gangs setting Athens aflame. Mr. Gage writes "Greek police officials say Syriza encouraged the violent demonstrations that have plagued Athens over the past two years. Unlike all other Greek political leaders."
With so many diverse views on the situation Greece faces in the immediate future, the views of such a respected writer and Greek expert as Nicholas Gage carry much weight. With startling simple clarity Mr. Gage succinctly sums up that Tsipras is promising Greek voters the impossible by defying the austerity measures yet proclaiming his intent to keep Greece within the eurozone. He writes "the chance of that happening is about as high as seeing snow fall in Athens in July."
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