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article imageOp-Ed: Miguel Cotto justifies Mayweather Vs Pacquiao 60/40 split

By William Charles Baker     May 19, 2012 in Sports
Las Vegas - No more excuses, no more postponements, no more talk about percentages of the pot, make the fight. Miguel Cotto has put some air back into the belief that Manny Pacquiao will beat Money Mayweather without problem.
The Pay per View reports for the fight indicates that it was the second highest grossing non heavyweight bout second only to the Mayweather DeLahoya match in 2007. SI.Com reports: “In the aftermath of Friday's announcement, some have suggested that those numbers prove that Mayweather is right to refuse to offer Manny Pacquiao a 50-50 split.”
There can now be no excuse about blood and blood tests where there is suspicion of performance enhancing drugs or some advantage for Pacquiao through association with trainers and nutritionists. If Mayweather wants 60 percent of the purse, give it to him and thank all the fans of Miguel Cotto for making it possible. You saw the fight, you saw the blood, and you saw Mayweather in a tough fight this time around.
So the Pacman busy in his preparation for Timothy Bradley should have a walk over verses Mayweather it would appear. The world has Miguel Cotto to thank. No matter how you look at this long list of postponements and put asides the only reason to explain why has been the need for an advantage.
Who would get worn down in the ring through tough fights before they finally meet?
Pacquiao fought three brutal bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez that should have taken most of the starch out of him. Those three among many dating back to the days of Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera. He took and gave some punishment and if the strategy was to wait for him to lose an edge through punishment in the ring the time for that reality may be fast approaching. If Mayweather would be the signature match and goodbye to an illustrious career then waiting can be put aside thanks to Miguel Cotto.
Mayweather says he will fight and as a businessman his reasons and goals must be respected. They say and we use the word “say” because Pacquiao has a few mouth pieces speaking with and for him that he wants the fight also. Both men have fought and defeated Miguel Cotto.
Give Pacman the advantage of a brutal beating and knock out.
OnTheRopesBoxingRadio reports: “Some speculate that Mayweather let Cotto into the fight to give the fans their money’s worth in a more crowd-pleasing affair. Others maintain that Cotto simply provided stylistic issues for Floyd. Whatever the case may be, Floyd still won and won comfortably. Yet again the edge goes to Pacquiao and yet again, does it really mean much when considering a theoretical clash between Pacquiao and Mayweather? I am inclined to say no.”
Sixty forty may mean little to you and me but if the only reason is ego then the egotist needs a reason when the cards are on the table. Mayweather can ask and demand because the game of boxing is different than the sport of boxing. The game is all inclusive of charisma and popularity and promotion and innovation and the daring to make boxing appeal beyond the two guys in a ring.
Advantage Mayweather.
If it was not good versus bad and family man and national hero versus perceived criminal and trouble maker there would still be a fight. But it would be only that, just a fight. Without the Money in Money Mayweather the seats would not be full at a weigh in. There would not be 50 Cent, with his own story of independence and wealth for the few to hate on. It would just be a classic like the hundreds that have preceded this event.
But thanks to Miguel Cotto we have more reasons to condone a favorable split for Mayweather if only to finally see the event happen. Somebody will win eventually. Fans of Pacquiao will rejoice and continue the celebration of nationalistic pride. They deserve their heroes.
We did it for Joe Louis when he defeated Max Schmeling and his crushing defeat was more significant than merely a prize fight between two champions but a singular battle between representatives from our nation and Nazi Germany. The fact still remains that when all is done and the gloves are put aside money is the reason that the sport is undertaken. Ask about taxes and physical health as one lays in the burden of crushing defeats on both sides. Ask them, if you could, how long love lasts and if they could tell you then you tell me.
Maybe Money Mayweather realizes this. Love or hate him but give him credit for that.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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