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article imageOwner of dog killed with machete left helpless in seeking justice Special

By Ernest Dempsey     May 18, 2012 in Crime
Alamo - Police, media, animal rights organizations, all seem to be leaving alone the owner of brutally killed dog in Alamo, Texas, while he seeks justice for his canine friend.
What happened to Luis Ortiz of Oriole St Alamo, Texas, has left him wondering what to do when his pleas for justice are falling on deaf ears. Having served in the US military, the young man returned to his home in Oriole St Alamo to spend some time of love and care with his family, including his best friend Mijo, a yellow Labrador Retriever who was presented to him as a gift upon his return home. Raising the puppy to a playful, loving pet, Ortiz hadn’t in his worst nightmares imagined what would happen to his canine friend one day.
On the evening of May 10, 2012, Mijo was found lying dead, bathed in his own blood, outside his house. The trail of blood was traced to part of the street where Mijo’s suspected killer lives, and soon Luis Ortiz called the police to report the killing. Things, however, started getting off the track of justice immediately as neither media nor the sheriff’s office acted professionally and impartially. As reported in the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, a news channel reporting on the case did not give the name of the dog’s killer, a religious minister named Jose Salazar, despite that he confessed killing the dog with a machete, saying he did this to get the dog off “his property”.
While more than one media talked to Ortiz, few if any source gave the name of the minister and other important details, except some social media sites, the police also seems unwilling to investigate the case further despite the obvious contradiction in the fact that the dog’s blood was traced to the street and the minister’s claim that he killed the dog (with four blows) to protect his family from the “aggressive” dog that was on his property. The police say that the minister is claiming self-defense so no charges will be brought against him.
Since people advocating justice for Mijo are asking for action against Jose Salazar and a thorough investigation into the killing, the facebook page of the sheriff’s office blocked Luis Ortiz and Mijo’s supporters from posting comments against the inaction of the police. The sheriff in charge of the case wrote: “I will not allow you or anyone of these supporters to criticize the hard-working deputies on my page.”
What further disappointed Luis Ortiz is the excuse of the Houston ASPCA from taking any action to get justice for Mijo. When asked about it, Ortiz told:
“I contacted the Houston ASPCA a couple days ago and they just called me right now. First, they don’t work outside of Houston. Second, they told me that if Mijo was loose, whether he was in the public street or anywhere else, and the guy is claiming self defense, and the police aren’t doing much about it, then that’s it. There is nothing they can do and apologized that they wish they could be able to do more.”
To the question what would he do now, Ortiz said, “I do not know what to do at this point. The people I'm supposed to count on do not even care; everyone, the sheriff, the news people, the animal rights organization.”
Luis is so disheartened by what happened and is happening to him that he is considering leaving his place for good.
“I was raised here in this city,” said he, “I used to love it, and because of how my case was handled from the start, I can honestly say that I may want to look at another place to live.”
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