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article imageU.K. man admits theft from woman decapitated in accident

By Arthur Weinreb     May 18, 2012 in Crime
Manchester - Marc Kirvin pleaded guilty to theft of the deceased grandmother's purse and shoes but denied any knowledge of the horrific accident that claimed her life.
Kirvin, 46, appeared in Manchester Crown Court yesterday and entered a plea of guilty to one count of theft. He admitted stealing the items but denied he had seen any sign of the accident that decapitated 62-year old Sarwari Ashraf.
As reported by the Daily Mail, prosecutor Jennifer Baines told the court that Kirvin's explanation was plausible. She said the purse and shoes had travelled 400 feet as a result of the impact and there was no debris on the road where those items ended up. She also advised that there was very little reaction from motorists where the purse and shoes had landed, leading to the belief that others did not know what had just occurred.
The accident happened on March 29 when Kirvin was a passenger in a car driven by his co-accused. He noticed the items in the road, jumped out of the vehicle, and retrieved them. The purse contained £1600 ($2,530 US) which Kirvin split with the driver. The purse and shoes were then dumped in a trash bin.
Ashraf was a Muslim whose religion required she be buried as soon as possible. But as no identification had been found, police could not identify the body. As reported by Sky News, Ashraf's husband was in Pakistan and it wasn't until the next day, when she failed to show up at a planned meeting with her children, did anyone know something might be wrong. After her identify was learned, it took another 12 hours to confirm the body was in fact, Ashraf.
The prosecutor was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, The most aggravating feature in this case is because he took the handbag, police had no identification and the lady's family weren't aware for two days that their mother and grandmother had been taken from them.
Kirvin was arrested at home after CCTV footage was made public and a call was made to Crimestoppers. His half of the money, that he intended to spend on his family, was recovered. He could not explain why he took the shoes.
Judge Wendy Lloyd granted bail to Kirvin whose sentencing has been adjourned to June 20. His co-accused, who could not appear in court because he had been hospitalized after a car accident, is set to appear that day.
Lloyd told Kirvin he should expect anything when he is sentenced. The judge was quoted in the Mirror as saying, Had it been anyone's handbag with a large amount of money and personal items inside there would have been enormous stress caused, but the reality here was that the stress was magnified many times over because of the particularly tragic circumstances.
The original accident is still under investigation by police.
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