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article imageOp-Ed: The U.S. turns further away from Israel

By Eliot Elwar     May 18, 2012 in World
Disturbing revelations illustrate the growing rift between the Obama Administration and the Netanyahu government is becoming larger and wider as Tehran boasts about Israel’s abandonment.
Although many different countries were invited to the NATO summit being held soon in Chicago, Israel was excluded. The U.S. conducted the largest joint military exercise in the Mideast recent history, where many troops from 19 different nations participated, but the Israeli defense forces were barred from participation, according to Israel National News.
President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s unfriendly relationship is not new. In 2011, the President was heard on an open microphone backstage telling then French President Sarkozy that Netanyahu was “a liar” and that he felt sorry for having to deal with such a leader. The refusal of the Netanyahu government to make unilateral concessions in order to get the Palestinians to return to peace talks has been the foremost reason for the disagreement between the leaders.
All of this drama was playing amid the background of Tehran’s increasingly combative rhetoric. Within a few days in Baghdad the latest round of talks directed toward stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons development program will be held, but Iran has already declared they will never stop their uranium enrichment work. Israeli leaders fear that Iran may soon reach what they call a “zone of immunity” where no military action will prevent them from finishing their nuclear weapons development program.
Tehran boasts that the US has abandoned Israel as Iranian propaganda against Israel grows daily, according to WND. Iran’s leadership feels that the war is imminent, as they openly talk about annihilation of the Israeli State and all the Jews. The Obama administration has been sending the wrong message to Iran! The message must be a unified US and Israeli coalition against Iran’s nuclear weapons program. However, by being soft with Iran and hard on Israel, Obama has bolstered Tehran’s nuclear weapons development ambitions. If the Israelis find themselves completely alone in this coming conflict, a nuclear exchange could erupt in the Mideast.
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