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article imageOp-Ed: Forget trading Roberto Luongo, Canucks should trade David Booth

By Marcus Hondro     May 18, 2012 in Sports
Look, I know it makes sense to save cap space and stop all the endless fan complaints about Roberto Luongo by trading the gold-medal goalie. It just might be time. But bear with me on this because there's a far more pressing trade that needs be made.
David Booth.
Not only was Booth a big-time disappointment for the Vancouver Canucks - 16 goals in 56 regular season games and one assist in 5 in the postseason - but turns out he likes to kill bears. Earlier this month Booth hired guides in Alberta and went out and did him some bear-baiting. That's where you put out food in bear country and hide real good and wait for the unsuspecting bear to arrive.
The bear-baiting Booth
That is the hardest part of it, the waiting. It more often pays off (in the provinces and states that still allow it, a high percentage of kills are a result of bear-baiting). "Smells like a decent meal," the bear says. Meanwhile, up pops the courageous and sneaky hunter to kill the bear mid-meal. Booth did it with a powerful bow and arrow (and no, using a bow doesn't make him braver or a better hunter, it just makes him more arrogant).
The former Florida Panther posted a photograph of him smiling over the dead black bear and he made what passes for clever remarks on his Twitter page, remarks he gutlessly took down after a flap ensued and many fans posted online comments condemning the killing. He should have expected a backlash but arrogance - there's that word again - prevented him from thinking anyone would find anything wrong with what he'd done.
Vancouver Canucks: Send bear-killer to the wolves
He's a rich hockey star with no need of the meat or any other part of the kill and he did it solely for sport and yet there is nothing sporting about it. It somehow seems something Tim Thomas, the Tea Party member of the Bruins who boycotted a team visit to the White House on the grounds he's worried about America's future, or something, might do. Something right-wing rocker Ted Nugent would love.
Send him to Dallas, they like this sort of thing down in Texas but it just doesn't fit Vancouver. Can you imagine the Sedins doing it? Alex Burrows? Not ever. Booth and the dead bear could become a distraction. As noted there are fans who've expressed a distaste for it already and, just as with Thomas' refusal to go to the White House, it will rub some of his teammates the wrong way, though it's not likely they'll say anything about it.
And yes, perhaps Alberta is seeking to cut down its black bear population - though I neither know nor care why that may be so - and so the province allows hunts like this. But it's still unsavory, cowardly, selfish and, you guessed, arrogant. It still rubs lots of Canuck fans the wrong way and, after all, the Vancouver Canucks are supposed to represent the city and their fans so if it is judged there are enough bothered by it, then trade David Booth.
And if there's no deal out there then throw him to the AHL Wolves in Chicago and save some cap space for a forward who can bag goals instead of bears.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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