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article imageOp-Ed: Fascism on Trial

By Paul Iddon     May 17, 2012 in Politics
The current ongoing trials of the respective mass murderers Ratko Mladic and Anders Beivik are very salient reminders of how we must be vigilant against the reactionary forces of fascism.
In his conspiratorial manifesto Anders Breivik asserts (amongst many other things) that the intervention against Serbian fascism was unjust as in his warped view it was essentially bombing his white Christian European brothers in order to save conniving Muslims.
It is rather fitting that the last few weeks has seen close in depth coverage of his trial where survivor testimonies leave no doubt over how horrific the massacre on the island of Utøya really was.
This comes as we're hearing testimonies in the trial of Ratko Mladic about the chaos in Srebrenica during the horrific Serbian instigated massacre of Bosnian Muslims back in 1995 (the deadliest massacre in Europe since the end of the Second World War). Recently disclosed video shows panicked locals in UN compound outside Srebrenica on 11 July in that year just as Bosnia Serb forces approached, which was subsequently followed by Mladic triumphantly marching into the town and announcing that “the time has come to take revenge on the Muslims.” Another video showed him telling a bus full of Muslims that “I am giving you your life as a gift.”
Amongst the other charges leveled against Mladic was the 44 month siege of Sarajevo, where more than 10,000 people, mostly civilians were killed. Bosnia had represented in the former Yugoslavia the most multicultural and multi-ethnic state, and was carved up and brutally assaulted by Serbia for ultra-nationalist and sectarian reasons.
It is quite telling that Breivik was particularly angered by the intervention to stop this fascist madness breaking out once again in the Balkans, as we're hearing more and more about the horrors he inflicted on unarmed civilians, again under the pretext that he was defending a predominately white Christian civilization against multiculturalism and immigration, utilizing this motive as an excuse to deny any criminal responsibility and relativize his heinous action.
There is no doubt in my mind that Breivik is sane, this point eludes a lot of people who assume that having been able to carry out such a massacre in such a manner deems him insane, on the contrary, Breivik was and is palpably deluded, conspiratorial hatred coupled with a need to defend his society which he perceived to be under attack does not necessarily mean he is insane.
Lets take a look at an old extremist piece of literature, The Turner Diaries a fictional neo-Nazi fanciful screed about an extremist organization of white supremacists who overthrow the United States government (which is portrayed as being a manipulative vassal state of Israel and world Jewry) and instigate a nuclear holocaust in order to cleanse the planet of non-white and non-Christian peoples. Breivik in his manifesto calls for the deportation of all Muslims in Europe by 2083 in a manner similar to how The Turner Diaries describes a world free of non-white races by 2099.
That is of course a truly filthy and horrible concept, however when one reads it one sees how the author excuses the horrific actions undertaken by the novels protagonist in a relativistic manner, in the same way that Breivik and Mladic do in relation to their horrendous crimes against humanity.
The manner in which these two cases are in a sense inextricable tied remind us of the banality of such evil fascistic exploits and the mindset of those who afflict them. It is therefore important for the broader public of a free society to be educated about such deluded and malevolent people, and address and debunk the elaborate conspiratorial motives that lead to such heinous crimes, as they have done in Srebrenica and more recently in Norway.
If the free secular and multi-ethnic societies of Europe are to strive and lead in the world as a good example worthy of emulation then the peoples that make up these societies need to have a firm grasp and education regarding these matters. In doing so real and perceived grievances regarding ethnic and religious matters must be recognized, understood and accordingly addressed where necessary. In the long term this will act as the most effective means of countering the manifestations of such conspiratorial hatreds and the horrendous acts carried out by those acting upon such delusions and hatreds.
The two present cases of fascism on trial and the extensive investigations into the bloodbaths which they caused signal an apt time to re-evaluate our understanding of these outbreaks of bloody fascistic violence and do our utmost as a free self-critical and honest society to learn from these two cases in order to take the necessary measures to prevent future outbreaks of such bloody fascist hysteria.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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