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article imageAmphibious vehicle goes fast on land and water

By John Duarte     May 15, 2012 in Technology
A few months ago, a car that can fly made its debut at the New York auto show. Now, comes news that you can slip behind the wheel of a vehicle that get you places fast on land or water.
The world’s fastest amphibious car is for sale.
If you are in the market for a new car that can go just about anywhere at a good speed and have a budget of $260,000, the Sea Lion may be just what you need.
The Sea Lion is the brainchild of car enthusiast Marc Witt, but it is no ordinary car. Sure its sleek lines and attainable top speed of 125 miles-per-hour will appeal to sports-car buffs. And, at first glance, that is exactly what the Sea Lion is… a sports car. What one can’t immediately see is that this streamline land speeder is equally quick out on the water and capable of cruising along at speeds reaching 60 mph.
“It’s the world’s fastest amphibious vehicle on land, it has the potential to set the record on water for the new owner,” Witt is quoted in Car Buzz talking about his project that combines aerodynamics and water-going functionality. “And it is one hell of a conversation topic.”
The Sea Lion amphibious vehicle can reach 60 mph on water.
The Sea Lion amphibious vehicle can reach 60 mph on water. Witt
Witt tinkered and toiled with his dream of making a craft that would excel on land and on water for six years. He designed a body that could easily handle street travel. The brushed aluminum and stainless-steel shell, raked front windshield and rear windows and low to the ground profile gave the car the look. A Mazda rotary engine pumping out 174 horsepower was its heart.
“Building the Sea Lion has been an enjoyable exploration,” Witt says on Fantasy Junction, where the vehicle is for sale. He adds that the “next chapter” of the Sea Lion’s evolution is upgrade the engine and begin speed trials. “It is best to bring a specialist builder on board for the rest of this endeavor and bring the car up to its full potential.”
On land, there is little doubt that his car can go fast. Witt claims to have posted speeds of 125 mph. But he believes an engine upgrade by the Sea Lion’s new owner and the car may be able to attain 180 mph.
The Sea Lion has a monocoque aluminum center body with removable side pods, that can be used to stow cargo or for floatation, and removable front and rear fenders. When he started the project, Witt hoped that his “baby” would better the water-speed record by an amphibious vehicle, which was 45 mph. He has topped that by 15 mph.
According to Witt, there are currently 25 cars competing for the title of world’s fastest amphibious vehicle. The Sea Lion may be just waiting for its next owner to take it there. And Witt is ready to help see the project through.
“I am willing to continue working with the buyer on all future modifications,” he says. “I will remain available as a consultant, engineer, machinist and psychiatrist for whoever decides to venture further into the amphibious record books.”
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