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article imageOp-Ed: Martial law and no US election?

By Gar Swaffar     May 15, 2012 in Politics
It is perhaps a marker for how deeply paranoid the United States has become over the thought of a second term for the current Administration. That thought has convinced some to think Martial Law will be instituted and no election will be held.
As written in the Canada Free Press, with the obligatorily 'unnamed source' it is being proposed that due to the disastrous polling data recently, President Obama will be declaring a state of martial law, and calling off the November 2012 elections.
I must admit, I'd not been aware of Canada Free Press until today, but found an article while dredging through the piles of email I get regarding politics.
The article caught my eye because it suggested I wouldn't need to be worried about who Mitt Romney would choose for Vice-President, nor who he might choose for his Cabinet members. In point of fact, the article suggests that President Obama will have his unelected czars and sycophants to instigate riots after a very carefully orchestrated assassination attempt.
That pseudo assassination attempt will then be blamed on white supremacists, which will initiate some level of anger among the poor and ultra liberal segments of the black population of the country. Along with all of the various disaffected segments of the New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, etc. etc. etc...
It is suggested in the article that the plan is discussed at the highest level of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) by those who are in charge.
The author of the piece is Doug Hagmann and states: “The DHS takes their marching orders from the Obama administration, from Obama himself, but mostly from his un-appointed czars. And Jarrett, especially Valerie Jarrett. Don’t think for a minute that the administration is doing anything to stabilize events in the U.S. They are revolutionaries, and revolutionaries thrive on chaos,”
The entire article is worth reading at the Canada Free Press site, but for now and in this venue, I would simply like to stick to the issue of perceptions. The perception of (P)Resident Obama has been at various times, "he's an idiot", "he's a toll of the big money powers", "he's a shrewd player of emotions" and of course "he's a muslim and not an American"
At issue is the level of credence given to what surely seems to be impossible in the United States of America in this day and age. A sitting President willing to place the nation at risk of destruction with an untold loss of life in riots and suppression of riots? It seems so unlikely even for the current Administration for whom I share no fondness, but at the same time, it seems not entirely out of character for a man who appears to be the complete narcissist!
And that ability to see it as 'not impossible' is perhaps as chilling as any actual or perceived reality of the plan. I admit to a modicum of hubris in my ability to assess most issues from a dispassionate and logical viewpoint, however, is this simply so over the top that it is possible to hide the truth in plain view and have it be unseen?
While not yet fully convinced of the possibility of an overthrow of the legitimate form of government in this nation, the mere fact that I had to studiously consider the statements at all for even a nanosecond is what bothers me.
I must also admit that I don't believe for a moment that a declaration of martial law would be successful from either a legal standpoint, nor from a standpoint of being able to put it into practice. I would not expect members of the Armed Forces to void the Posse Comitatus Act in the constitution, nor would I expect any member of the Armed Forces to be willing to use force against a fellow citizen of this nation.
The existence of so many disparate attacks on some of the fundamental liberties in this nation would make more sense if the plan for martial law were real though. The Fast & Furious scandal being one which appears to have been orchestrated to make gun control more stringent and to remove firearms from the hands of ordinary citizens?
The creation of the DHS by Bush 43 and Congress would also be considered a stepping stone towards this end, if one were so inclined to go down that road.
Considering the various anomalies of legislation, the housing bubble created in large part due to the machinations of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (the creation of sub-prime loan requirements by threats against lending institutions) in the Congress and the subsequent bursting of the bubble which then caused the financial crisis we still live with. The case could be made that without the current economic malaise, any attempt to institute martial law would simply not be feasible and doomed before it began.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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