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article imageWhy businesses looking to scale should look to Dell’s Precision Workstations (Sponsored)

By Dell SMB     May 14, 2012 in Business
Businesses today run on laptops, desktops, workstations, servers, mobile technology – the list goes on. But as you look to scale, one of the most important decisions you will make in IT is what technology your business should be investing in.
This post is brought to you by Dell Canada. For more information on sponsored posts, please refer to this page.
No matter what industry you work in, your businesses measures employee performance. So are you applying the same thought process to your computer needs? Have you considered how a workstation can perform better, faster and more efficient and provide a profound return on investment?
Your business needs to elevate to the next level and you need the hardware to handle the growth. One of the best ways to match your technology needs with increased demands is a new suite of desktop workstation computers ideal to handle all projects, big and small.
Every small- and medium-sized business (SMB) wants to scale their company effectively, and the first step begins with essential office tools. That’s where a powerful workstation PC fits in. For business-critical applications and high workloads, a robust workstation can accomplish a lot more in a short period of time compared to the average PC.
At Dell, we’ve seen how our new lineup of Precision workstation offers SMBs much-needed leverage to get things done quicker. Since the technology is designed for professionals in engineering, product design, animation, digital imaging and other graphics-intensive occupations, Dell’s Precision workstations are able to handle any demanding job. We’re delivering a solution ideal for any real-world problems.
What do you demand out of a computer? What are your pain points that you wish performed better? Your answers to those questions are central to how we built our Precision workstations because we went out and had thousands – yes, thousands – of conversations with people who run businesses just like yours.
For example, one of our customers is the largest independent developer of reservoir simulation software. They chose the Dell Precision workstations primarily because of the options available for overall system memory and graphic cards compared to an average PC or desktop. The Precision line makes computing more efficient and allows them to be productive using applications they need, where a regular desktop just doesn’t provide the required performance because of processing power, RAM and video capabilities.
Real-world processing needs, scalability and serviceability are some of the primary reasons our customers turn to the Precision line and every SMB tells us these three things can make or break their business.
With that in mind, our Precision workstations offer an externally removable power supply that can be easily swapped in and out using a built-in handle. The T7600 model, for example, also includes a front-accessible, quick release hard drive, designed for those who create video, or for IT professionals storing sensitive information that must be secured by day’s end.
No matter what you need, we have a new Precision workstation that can deliver.
Beginning with the T3600, the tower workstation includes an Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 or E5-2600, up to 64GB of quad-channel ECC or non-ECC memory, generation 3 PCIe slots to help prepare for the next generation of graphics, an integrated SATA/SAS controller with RAID op and storage options of up to two 3.5" or four 2.5" internal SATA or SAS hard drives.
The next step up is the T5600, offering 128GB of quad-channel ECC memory, while the ultra-powerful T7600 includes 512GB of memory.
Also available in these workstations is Reliable Memory Technology (RMT), a Dell invention that works to eliminate all memory errors. Seriously. This feature can identify the location of a corrected memory error, and prevent the system from writing to it after a reboot.
Our Precision line enables our customers to be more efficient and more productive using applications they need. A regular desktop just doesn’t provide the required performance. Thanks to these workstations’ processing power, RAM and video capabilities, businesses that use these tools see productivity increase.
Purposeful design is at the heart of these workstations. Engineers and industrial designers came together to design high-performance computing machines SMB owners can feel confident using.
Awarded an IF Product Design Award in 2012, our Precision line is also easy on the eyes. It includes two zones, one for the user accessible components, and airflow shrouds for safety and optimized cooling, and the other more secure area for safely isolating the cables and power supply. The stylish front bezel blends airflow, security and esthetics in an elegantly molded-curved part.
Dell’s Precision workstations allow you to quickly access power supplies or remove the ODD cage with just one hand. You can place in that area any DVD or other optical drives without being a tech expert.
And at the end of the day once you’ve chosen the workstation that meets your business needs, Dell offers something you won’t find anywhere else: Best-in-class ProSupport. If your business has questions, feedback, needs troubleshooting help or is looking to upgrade, you can reach a member of our professional support staff 24/7 and get a real person based in North America talking to you on the phone right away. We understand that time is critical to your business, and as such we’ve built this service around your needs. SMB owners have stressed that they want top-notch technology as well as customer service support that is fast, reliable and specific to their needs.
As your business reaches its next stage of success, consider how you can streamline workflow and scale your growth effectively by carefully evaluating your PC needs. You’ll find Dell’s Precision line of workstations a perfect complement to all your business needs.
This post is brought to you by Dell Canada. For more information on sponsored posts, please refer to this page.
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