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article image3D-printed glove makes your hand a mobile phone

By Stephanie Medeiros     May 15, 2012 in Technology
Now the saying "talk to the hand" has a lot more meaning with the Glove One, a glove anyone can wear to turn their hand into a mobile phone.
Bryan Cera decided that carrying around a mobile phone is handy and all, but sometimes leaves people tied up when trying to handle multiple things. Instead of creating a slimmer or smaller phone, he decided to use the entire hand and make it a phone itself for people to use. The designer and 3D printing maker then created the Glove One, a 3D printed design that can be worn on either hand, reports Crave and CNET.
Made up of plastic pieces which are articulated, each finger can be used to dial numbers and even text message. In order to take a call, the person wearing the Glove One simply has to do the "Call me" hand gesture. And since the design was 3D printed, others who have access to a 3D printing machine can take the design and print out their own Glove One.
Some people have remained skeptical of the Glove One's practical use, however. From the comments of CNET: "Ummm.....your hand is still tied up. In fact, I can hold my phone between my ear and shoulder if I need two hands free while this renders your hand completely useless for anything [BUT] making a call. Now, if only someone would invent something that slips into your ear for true 'hands-free' calling...oh wait!" said commenter Charleseye. Others expressed the same opinion.
Cera talked about his design and inspiration to create it. "...The literalization of Sherry Turkle's notion of technology as a 'phantom limb'," he says about the Glove One. "In how we augment ourselves through an ambivalent reliance on it, as well as a celebration of the freedom we seek in our devices..."
Bryan Cera
Other projects from Cera include a user-controlled, augmented reality video game project similar to Microsoft's XBox Kinect or Sony's PlayStation Move and other technology related "maker" projects. All of his work can be found at his website.
3D printing, especially with the use of the MakerBot machine, has become widely popular as a means of sharing ideas and product designs. The MakerBot uses giant spools of plastic to create nearly anything, from gloves that can be used as mobile phones to simple toys. While a 3D printing machine (and its materials) can set someone back a few grand, the sharing of different ideas and turning them into tangible items has ignited a new area of open source design.
Whether the "hand phone" will catch on is up for debate. For now, people are a bit more interested in smartphone news from Apple and Google.
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