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article imageVideo: Cat asks for food in sign language

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 14, 2012 in Internet
This video posted to YouTube in February introduces a Russian cat that tells its owner in sign language that it would like to eat.
The video shows the Russian cat tapping the table to gain its owner's attention and then signing with its paw for food.
If you aren't impressed by the sign language skill of this moggy, then see the second video above which shows a human being with fingers and opposable thumb asking for food in sign language, and you will appreciate just how well the cat does it.
There is a bizarre twist to this story though, some end-of-world doomsday prophets and their following hordes are already touting this video the sign of end times. A YouTube commenter exclaims after seeing the video: "It has BEGUN!" (the 2012 doomsday!).
Daily Picks and Flicks exclaims: "We’re doomed! now all they need is to develop opposable thumbs and we will start begging THEM to give us some food."
Is this an omen of the end?
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