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article imageTrayvon Martin hoodie-wearing gun targets sold online

By Arthur Weinreb     May 13, 2012 in Business
The unidentified man sold gun targets depicting the slain Florida youth for $8 for a package of 10, plus $7.50 shipping and handling. He claims he sold out in two days.
The gun target is faceless; yet the seller admits it is a depiction of Trayvon Martin who was shot to death last February by George Zimmerman. The shooting grabbed worldwide attention with allegations of racism and the calling into question of Florida's Stand Your Ground law.
The hoodie-wearing target has a can in the right hand and a package of Skittles in the right pocket. Police have said when Martin was shot, he was returning from a store where he purchased a can of iced tea and the Skittles. And the target has cross-hairs on the chest; Martin was shot in the chest.
The sale of the targets was discovered last week on a firearms auction site by a reporter for WKMG-TV in Orlando. The station contacted the seller, who wanted to remain anonymous, and who was quoted by the New York Daily News as saying, My main motivation was to make money off the controversy.
The seller refused to disclose how many targets were sold, although he told the reporter some were sold to Florida gun dealers. He said, The response is overwhelming. I sold out in two days.
As reported by CBS in Miami, the seller said they support Zimmerman and "believe he is innocent and that he shot a thug."
The general reaction to the sale of the targets has been one of disgust. Natale Jackson, lawyer for the Martin family who are out of the country, was quoted by WKMG as saying, It's a sad certain segment of society that would think you could make a profit off the killing of a teenage boy.
And Mark O'Mara, the attorney who is defending Zimmerman on a charge of second-degree murder, said, This is the highest level of disgust and the lowest level of civility.
O'Mara is concerned that incidents such as this will make it more difficult for his client to get a fair trial. He said, It's this type of hatred—that's what this is, it's hate-mongering—that's going to make it more difficult to try this case.
As reported by WFMY, gun owners have been discussing the sale of the targets on pro-gun websites. Firearms owners, who generally support Zimmerman and Florida's Stand Your Ground law, were generally also disgusted by the targets. One was quoted as saying, Even though I fully believe Zimmerman was justified in shooting, Trayvon was still a human being and does not deserve that disrespect in death.
After WKMG broke the story, the firearms auction website pulled the ads.
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