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article imageOp-Ed: Despicable crimes round up, UK

By Alexander Baron     May 12, 2012 in Crime
A gang of serial abusers of underage girls; the murders of two babies; and an arson attack that kills five kids are among the stories that make Britain the crime capital of Europe.
Last week, Mick Philpott was the father of 17 (seventeen) children. On Thursday, 5 of them died in an arson attack on their Derby home. As Mr Philpott is unemployed and his offspring have no fewer than 5 different mothers, an obvious line of inquiry will be someone with a grudge against his lifestyle, but it seems that the people of Derby are applying David Cameron's big society idea by rallying round. At the time of writing there have been two arrests: a man and a woman; they have now been released without charge. The victims were a ten year old girl and four younger siblings, all boys.
In Wandsworth, Southwest London, a father returned home to find his 10 week old son and 14 month old daughter dead. His wife, the mother of the two victims, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. She was apparently “trying to harm herself”. No further details have been released at this stage.
One of the big crime stories of last week was the gaoling of a gang of men in the North of England, all of Asian extraction and all apparently Moslems - nominally anyway. They were convicted of a variety of offences including rape. The maximum sentence handed out was 19 years. Obviously, some people have made an issue of this, including of course Nick (Islam is the root of all evil) Griffin.
From the opposite end of the political spectrum, the odious Yasmin Alibhai-Brown chipped in her nonsense including the observation that “Most men who groom and rape young girls in Britain are white”. Well, yes, because this is still a predominantly white nation - no thanks to her.
Is this a racial issue, or is there something else afoot? First, let us be clear about one thing: although none of these girls appears to have been raped in the way Antoni Imiela and his ilk rape girls or women, ie the man in the park wearing a ski mask, and the victims appear for the most part to have gone with these abusers voluntarily, the issue of consent does not arise when the female concerned is under 16. Things get a bit tricky when for example a 14 year old girl become pregnant by her 15 year old boyfriend, and there are special rules or at least special considerations for youths and very young men who become sexually involved with underage girls, but a 35 year old such as Mohammed Sajid who has sex with an underage girl is a rapist. Period. Furthermore, this activity was clearly organised, and all the more odious for that. The real question though is not why were all the perpetrators Asian Moslems but why were all the victims white? And the unpleasant answer is that white girls are available while Asian ones are not.
Anyone who thinks otherwise should answer the question: how many Asian or Moslem girls become teen pregnancies or undergo abortions? The answer is extremely few. In the United States it is primarily young black girls who become promiscuous and run wild, and that in a street culture that refers to them routinely as bitches and hoes. In Britain, the problem is not so pronounced, here, black girls tend to become gang members more often, but it is the white girls who are the most vulnerable. This is partly because of indoctrination by the loony feminists who view 15 year olds or younger as women, when clearly they not. The “anti-racist” lobby is also not without blame.
Asians especially belong to strong, extended families, while in white society the nuclear family and latchkey kids are the norm. While the predators in this case have rightly received heavy sentences, it is society that should be indicted for giving them the opportunity to abuse young girls.
As if these recent convictions were not bad enough, there have now been a further 9 arrests in Rochdale.
Finally, a crime that is as shocking as any that doesn't involve murder can actually get. Shane Jenkin has been gaoled for life after being convicted of grievous bodily harm, He subjected his former girlfriend Tina Nash to a 12 hour long attack and gouged if not gouged out her eyes. After he was sentenced at Truro Crown Court, Cornwall, Miss Nash said she felt no joy at his conviction, indeed she felt nothing towards him at all.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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