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article imageTexas man arrested for riding unicycle naked

By R. Francis Rubio     May 12, 2012 in Odd News
Kemah - Police arrest a man in Southeast Texas Wednesday accusing him of "distracting drivers and creating a hazard" after trying to ride his unicycle across a bridge in the buff.
45-year-old Joseph Glynn Farley was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Kemah police after officers witnessed the mentally disabled man attempting to ride a unicycle across a bridge completely naked and at times falling off the cycle into traffic.
According to, Kemah police Chief Greg Rikard said Farley was not intoxicated or impaired at the time of the arrest and shortly before the nude incident, Farley even had agreed to stop riding for the day.
“They asked him to stop (riding) for the day. He was compliant, he said ok, and off he went" said Rikard. “Next thing you know, he stripped down and went at it in a different direction.”
After he was taken into custody, Farley told the officers he liked the feeling of riding without clothes which the man had shed near the foot of the bridge prior to his arrest.
The police chief said that Farley lives in the Clear Lake area and is frequently seen riding the unicycle around town. “We haven’t had any issues with him until yesterday (Wednesday)," said Rikard.
Farley's father, Carl Farley told the press his son suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and at times displays unusual behavior. However, the father says his son does not acknowledge his mental condition and refuses to take medication for the illness and/or take part in therapy.
“Over the last six-plus years he’s steadily gone downhill," said the father. “He frequently suffers from delusions and loss of contact with reality, which is what the bridge incident illustrates. Oftentimes he doesn’t know right from wrong.”
Farley was charged with one count of misdemeanor indecent exposure. Bond is set at $1,500.
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