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Video: Little boy pesters little girl for a kiss

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 12, 2012 in Internet
The video shows a little boy trying to kiss a little girl who rebuffs him. But the boy appears determined not to take no for an answer. He returns several times, first for a hug and then a kiss but the girl repeatedly pushes him away.
But little Sir Galahad is undeterred. He returns to the girl for a kiss several times, but each time he is rebuffed, and finally he deliberately falls to the ground when the girl pushes him away gently.
Some YouTube viewers say they find the little boy's persistence disturbing and that it could be sign of unhealthy relationship patterns latter in life. A YouTube viewer "ExclusiveLM," comments:
"There is NOTHING cute about this video. That is why so many little boys grow up to be rapists because the parents or guardian of a boy like this just stands back and lets him from an early age impose his will on females. Teach kids while they are still young to respect others in school, in the street (where ever) and you won't have the messy society we have today of people treating others like dirt and trying to push their way into others lives. Remember childish habits remain into adults."
But many viewers disagree with this extreme view. "Caddy38" comments:
"I can't believe people are honestly saying since this kid will grow up to be a raper because of something like this. Little kids do this all time time, my parents have videos of me as a 1-2 year old doing the exact same thing, you want to know what else? i haven't raped anyone. it's cute, it's funny, in fact it's almost adorable, and no one was harmed by it, calm down YouTube moralists, laugh a little."
The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 9, 2012 by Jaguar70100.
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