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article imageOp-Ed: FDA Warning: New Multiple Sclerosis treatment?

By Mindy Allan     May 12, 2012 in Health
The FDA issued an alert on the potential dangers of an unproven treatment for multiple sclerosis, but left out alternative treatments.
On May 10. 2012, the Federal Food & Drug Administration issued a press announcement alerting health care professionals and patients about an experimental procedure sometimes called "liberation therapyā€¯ used on people with multiple sclerosis.
According to an international survey, Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world.
Unfortunately for most people suffering from multiple sclerosis, the best, and simplest natural cures seem to be kept as far away from public knowledge, as far the FDA, and most physicians can take it. Why? When millions of dollars can't be made selling pharmaceutical drugs, then it goes to the back burner, or is buried in the mounds of natural cure remedies that have been found to be effective over lab created drugs, but rarely spoken about.
Bee sting therapy called "Apitherapy" which is being found to help people with "MS" with amazing results, beyond that of conventional medicines.
In 2010 Discovery Channel traveled to Taiwan to report on a successful remission of "MS" from bee stings. On the "Travel" channel bee therapy was reported to be one of the oldest means of medical treatment in the world, and is used for a variety of ailments, such as arthritis, and general aches, and pains.
Dave McDowell a correspondent for "Health Beat" sits down for a demonstration from Apitherapy specialist, and member of the Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association. Bee therapy is a quiet, but growing phenomenon being used in China, and in France, healed a woman who was wheelchair bound from MS now walking again after five years, after receiving bee therapy treatment. WKYC in Canada reported on how bee sting therapy is useful for allergies, but failed to report on the other useful purposes, and alternative ways to obtain treatment..
In Gaza, where medicine is hard to come by due to the sanctions put in place by Israel, bee therapy is widely used for numerous aliments, and very successful.
In Mexico, you can even get bee sting treatment in your hotel.
Bee venom therapy, along with their need to balance nature may one day be extinct due to the pesticides that are now being used on farms, gardens, and weeds, that are killing bees off in large numbers. The U.S. is so short on bees, they have started importing them.
Fingers are being pointed in the direction of Monsanto, and governments for lack of regulations when it comes to big corporations, whose products may be contributing to the decline in the bee population around the world.
Some believe this is a deliberate attack not only on bees, but could have serious consequences on the future of the worlds food production. Albert Einstein speculated that "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left."
The Quantum Inquisitor discovers the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder results points to genetically modified foods. and pesticides particularly "Roundup" which is produced by Monsanto, a company that has been evicted by '27" nations. If that isn't a good indicator, and wake up call to make changes, and know what you are eating, then nothing will.
Scientific proof shows people aren't getting sick from natural things like raw milk and cheese, free range pork and beef without hormone enhancement treatments. It is time to return to locally grown foods, pesticide free.
Many of the health problems people are having today, scientists are discovering is from foods containing harmful chemicals in them. Jeffrey M. Smith, executive director, and founder of the Institute of Responsible Technology, and leading expert on GMO foods explains.
The best foods aren't found in most grocery stores these days, but out of a garden somewhere near you.
Make a difference in your life, community, and the world around.
Learn why eating locally grown food will make a difference in your life, and it may just rid you of symptoms making you sick. NGO is the way to go.
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