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article imageVideo: Olympic paranoia targets protests in the UK

By Anne Sewell     May 11, 2012 in Sports
London - As London gets ready for the summer Olympics, draconian measures are being put in place to prevent some people from entering the country. Also others in residence are to be banned from the Games.
RT interviews people have have been affected by the range of rules and regulations being introduced to ensure the security of the upcoming Olympics.
While the Olympic torch is lit and already on its way to London, strict measures are being put into place.
Tim Larkin is a martial arts instructor from Las Vegas, who is supposed to be in the U.K. right now, training martial arts enthusiasts. But on trying to board his flight, he found that the U.K. Home Office had excluded him from the country on the grounds that his self-defense course might incite vigilantism.
Security for London Olympics 2012.
Security for London Olympics 2012.
Video screen capture
Larkin has a 15-year history of visiting the U.K., training thousands of people from both the U.K. and other European countries. He states that "the rhetoric being used is absolutely inconsistent with what I teach."
Larkin quotes his company's response to the UK Home Office ban on his blog, “We believe the UK Home Office decision to disallow Tim Larkin from entering the UK is simply a misunderstanding on their part as to what TFT teaches. Our hope is that they will reconsider their decision, and that everything can be cleared up shortly."
“Based on the wording in their ruling it appears that virtually every martial arts and reality-based self-defense instructor would need to be banned as well."
“As everyone knows, TFT is extremely conscientious and responsible in all our instruction, making sure clients fully understand the importance of “avoiding the avoidable” type situations at all cost."
“We do, however, recognize there are unpredictable and unavoidable ‘black swan’ type events of random violence that do occur, and we provide clear information regarding what is required to survive these situations.”
Security measures for the London Olympics 2012
Security measures for the London Olympics 2012
Video screen capture
Londoner Simon Moore won't be able to attend the Olympics because he protested the building of basketball courts on a green space near the Olympic stadium. He was slapped with a control order that forbids him from going anywhere near the Olympics or, indeed, any other celebration taking place this summer in London. He faces 5 years in prison if he disobeys.
The video continues to show a block of flats, close to the Olympic stadium which will house a battery of high-velocity missiles for two months over the Olympics. Resident Bryan Whelan learned of this plan from a leaflet pushed through his door late at night. Whelan states that some people are worried about their property values, others think it will make the building a target for terrorists and that people don't want to be turned into some sort of military base.
Whelan's biggest argument is that nobody ever consulted the residents of the building.
Many residents in London feel that the security measures being implemented are "overwhelming and repressive" and the question many people are asking is, if its like this before the games, what is it going to be like when the Olympic games finally start?
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