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article imageOp-Ed: The latest web conspiracy talk

By Alexander Baron     May 11, 2012 in Entertainment
Is Bill Gates using vaccination against polio as part of a sinister plot to reduce world population? Was T.J. Ready a government agent? Is the FBI fighting terrorism or inciting it?
People often refer to conspiracy theories when what they really mean is scurrilous gossip and idle speculation. To that can frequently be added outright lies. In the age of the Internet and the global village though, there is no stopping this sort of thing, so let's have a look at some of the more recent conspiracy talk - from scurilous gossip to intelligent speculation and all too uncomfortable fact.
What are Bill Gates and his Foundation doing in places like India? He says he is trying to eradicate polio. Some say the price is too high, while others attribute entirely sinister motives to it and to him.
This recently released video claims vaccination is doing more harm than good. The guy who made it is far from a lone voice; here is another one. And here is a mainstream news report that gives perhaps a more accurate diagnosis.
Wilder explanations can be found on websites that are more interested in lurid speculation than in facts, but there is a powerful argument against mass and certainly compulsory vaccination. The almost total eradication of polio, cholera, TB and other diseases in the civilised West from the late 19th Century onwards came about not by vaccination or medicine in general but by public health programmes: clean water, proper sanitation, improved diet including the fortification of bread, things like that. The transformation of the River Wandle from an open sewer to a fishery is one spectacular example of this.
There are also ethical issues with vaccination; is putting a handful of babies at risk a sacrifice worth making if it saves the lives of hundreds of thousands or millions? Before you answer that question, read this article with particular reference to a 5mph speed limit.
On May 2, former US Marine Jason Todd Ready of Phoenix, Arizona murdered four people and then took his own life in what has been called a domestic incident. What is probably an essentially accurate biography of J.T. Ready can be found on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website. (The SPLC is a hate group that monitors hate groups).
Ready appears to have been a larger than life and somewhat bizarre character, undoubtedly the only former marine to scour the Arizona Desert for illegal aliens through binoculars while wearing a kilt and bulletproof vest.
Shocking though Ready's actions may be, it is what happened afterwards that has led to intelligent speculation that Ready was not all he appeared to be: ie a right wing gun freak with a thing about swastikas and a bee in his bonnet about Mexican drug cartels. According to Harold Covington - the American Nazi who opposes ID cards, big government and the war on terror - within twenty minutes of the gruesome discovery of the crime scene, it was locked down by not only the police but the FBI, the military and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.
Covington speculates that Ready may not have been all he was made out to be, or made himself out to be. Covington's podcast - which is dated May 10 but was actually released two days earlier - can be found on both his own website, and on Archive.Org. For those short of time or with weak stomachs, jump to seventeen and a half minutes.
Anyone who thinks Wicked Harold is just another Internet fruitcake should check out Operation Fast And Furious, which is another of those you couldn't make it up scenarios going all the way up to the Attorney General of the United States himself.
Finally, after the lurid speculation of conspiracy mongers and the intelligent speculation of Harold Covington we come to conspiracy fact. Last month, the New York Times broke with the mainstream to question the ethics, legality and efficacy of some of the tactics used by the FBI in the ongoing phony war on terror. The headline was Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I., and it contained no question mark. The article claims - a claim that has the ring of truth - that of the then “22 most frightening plans for attacks since 9/11 on American soil, 14 were developed in sting operations.”
This is nothing new to those of us who have been studying the role of police and similar agents provocateurs on both sides of the Atlantic. Last year, the Court of Appeal here quashed the convictions of a number of eco-warriors after former undercover police officer Mark Kennedy had a change of heart. The background to this case and similar revelations is fascination (follow the links). The question must be asked though, if the Metropolitan Police were prepared to go to such extraordinary lengths with Kennedy - and other police working under deep cover - maintaining them for years, including supplying them with fake official documents, how far must the FBI and other agencies have gone in developing and possibly inciting terror plots both at home and abroad? That is a question that will almost certainly never be answered truthfully, and even if it were, the people who must of necessity answer it are almost certainly unworthy of belief.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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