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article imageReckless driver vows change after neighbors hoist car to tree-top

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 10, 2012 in Odd News
Lubczyna - Fed-up with the behavior of a young man who loved racing his car dangerously, neighbors in Lubczyna, Poland, decided to take matters into their own hands. Zbigniew Filo, 24, woke up one day to find his car dangling 20ft in the air from a huge tree.
Metro reports locals refused to say who played the prank, but someone admitted that a mobile crane had been borrowed for the night.
The Sun reports a resident said: “Whoever or whatever it was, it’s probably a good thing as he was a dangerous driver and could have killed someone.Perhaps he’ll think twice about his hair-raising driving and about getting a license — or who knows where his next car might end up?”
According to The Sun, Zbigniew Filo did not even have a driver's license.
He called the police, but he got no sympathy from the officers who came to inspect the site. The told him sternly to remove his vehicle from the tree. The Huffington Post reports that police spokesperson Marta Pierkto, said: "We received a call from a man saying his car was stuck in a tree, and that his neighbors had put it there. After inspecting the site we instructed him to remove it from the tree."
The young man, according to Daily Mail, said he understands that neighbors were fed-up with his dangerous driving. He promised to change his behavior, saying: “I get the message but I think it was a bit harsh.”
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