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article imageMan paints classic sportscar on his garage door

By Leigh Goessl     May 10, 2012 in Technology
Bishopstoke - One man in the UK couldn't buy the car of his dreams, as financially it was out of his reach. The 32-year-old has always wanted a Ferrari, but found a unique way to gaze upon his dream car daily without actually having to buy one.
Chris Smart, of Hampshire, had always loved the Ferrari 250 GTO, but knows this is one car he'd never get the chance to own.
So what did he do to follow his dream? He improvised. Smart found another way to have his very own 250 GTO.
Smart, 32, is an avid artist. What he decided to do was create a full-scale painting of the classic car on his garage door. The sketching and painting of the mural took about two weeks, and he designed his masterpiece with water-resistant paint and a satin varnish.
He noted his old garage door was "boring" and said he wanted to make his garage appear to have "a nice sports car" parked inside.
"I wanted it to stand out so it had to be an expensive, red Ferrari, and I've always loved the 250 GTO," Smart said.
His wife Kerry, 32, told the media, "Painting the car on the garage door is as close as he's ever likely to get to it unless we win the lottery."
What do others think of the car?
The Daily Echo reported, the 3-D design causes people to do a double-take. BBC News reported Smart said, "We've had a few kids stop and stare as they walk past. Originally one of my neighbours wasn't too keen, but now she loves it."
He's also said there have been times people passing abruptly hit their car's breaks to stop and take a look.
According to BBC News, the GTO is a highly coveted vehicle, as only 39 cars of this particular model were ever built. The handful of people who own the car fall into the category of the rich and famous.
Autoblog reported a 1964 model was sold in Feb. 2012 for £20.2 million (just shy of $32 million USD). The car can go from 0-60 mph in just over 6 seconds and can reach speeds of 174 mph.
Smart's car won't go that fast, but it makes up for lack of speed in its design.
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