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article imageOp-Ed: Human-made UFOs reveal Military, Financial Crisis credibility gap

By Raymond Samuels     May 10, 2012 in World
UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". Are UFOs which are distinctly manufactured, alien or "human-made"? What is a "human-made" UFO, and how would such UFOs support a commitment to "our troops"? What would such UFOs relate to the "financial crisis"?
When denying the existence of alien craft, debunkers often cite that a UFO that is an “Unidentified Flying Object” could be either a totally natural phenomenon like a meteor or potentially some sort of “human-made UFO”. Indeed, in many UFO sightings it is very difficult to conclusively discern what that UFO or “strange unusual light” might be. However in a growing amount of cases, witnesses are close enough to clearly see the configurations of some kind of constructed cylindrical, triangular, pyramidal, circular or other apparent manufactured objects.
In these circumstances, debunkers will claim that such UFOs are definitely human made experimental craft of some kind. As humans, it appears that we are supposed to be relieved at such information. However, how does the idea of “human-made UFOs“ put our mind at ease, as humans, in light of the idea that our military service women and men are supposed to be our “heroes” and we need to slash public healthcare and bear other austerity measures?
Veterans in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere have systematically made complaints about the lack of basic support, which represents a larger part of the denial of resources to protect humankind. So, how would such well funded multi-trillion dollar human-made UFOs be so much better than attributing UFOs to alien intelligence? If you were a politician who sought to pursue integrity, would you feel better thinking that UFOs were aliens, or thinking that much of your fellow citizens were living under the poverty-line and being denied access to healthcare because that money was for “human-made UFOs”.
As Canadians, we are apparently supposed to view “our troops” as great “heroes”. I am further reminded of this when commuting on the renamed “Highway of Heroes” which used to be called the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway or simply 401. However, a growing amount of troops who have been sent to fight destructive wars in the Middle East and elsewhere do not view themselves as being treated as heroes by the very political operatives and agents who seek us to think in this way. The Canadian presents representations from a veteran's perspective, here.
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