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article imageRev. Jesse Lee Peterson calls women voting rights a mistake

By Layne Weiss     May 10, 2012 in Politics
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a frequent Fox News guest, and tea party supporter, said recently it was wrong for women to ever be given the right to vote, The Raw Story Reports.
Rev. Peterson has appeared many times on Sean Hannity's Fox News program, and is the founder of an organization, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), where Hannity serves as an advisory board member, The New York Daily News reports.
According to The Raw Story, the reverend said in a sermon, which was published on Youtube, that America's greatest mistake was allowing women to vote. "Back in the good old days, men knew that women were crazy and they knew how to deal with them," Peterson added.
Peterson believes that turning the vote over to women was a mistake because "women are voting in the wrong people." He says they're "voting in people who are evil" just because they agree with them, but that these people will "take us down the pathway of destruction."
He also charges that women have a difficult time making decisions on big issues because "they can't handle stress," The NY Daily News reports. He also said that whenever women are in charge, "evil finds its way through," noting homosexuality and gay marriage as prime examples.
According to the Daily Mail, Fox News Founder Rupert Murdoch condemned Peterson's statement and tweeted that giving women the right to vote has been "the best thing in 100 years."
Last Tuesday, Rev. Peterson appeared with political strategist Kristin Powers on Sean Hannity's show. According to the Huff Post, Powers confronted Peterson about his recent comments, and said she would have never agreed to appear on the program if she knew that Peterson would be there as well.
"You are a pastor distorting God's word for misogyny, for misogynistic purposes," Powers said to Peterson.
According to the Daily Mail, in response to Powers, Peterson said, "I have a responsibility to tell the truth. You're on the side of lies. Why shouldn't I be on the side of truth? Somebody's gotta tell the truth, so I'm going to tell the truth."
Peterson is no stranger to making offensive comments. According to Yahoo News, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Peterson called the people trapped in New Orleans, "welfare-pampered," "lazy" and "immoral."
In 2006, the reverend said that Islam was an "evil religion" and said that "all Muslims hate America."
In 2008, accused Planned Parenthood of "murdering over 1,500 black babies" every day, and this past January he said "blacks should be sent back to the plantation" to "understand the ethic of working.
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