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article imageCanadian-born actress Rachel McAdams chats about making 'The Vow' Special

By Earl Dittman     May 9, 2012 in Entertainment
Sporting a sexy blonde hairdo, the naturally brown-haired, gorgeous actress, Rachel McAdams, is wearing black shorts and a filmy beige Valentino shirt as she lounges in a swank Beverly Hills hotel suite to chat about her latest film romance, 'The Vow.'
In The Vow (now on Blu-Ray/DVD), the Canadian-born McAdams costars in the bonafide tearjerker with Hollywood's latest money-making leading man Channing Tatum. Two weeks ago, we ran Tatum's views on the making of The Vow, this week, Rachel gets a chance to offer her thoughts on whether we can fall in love with just one person, what The Vow really says about love and confesses if she did The Vow for her fans of The Notebook.
Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in  The Vow
Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum in 'The Vow'
The Vow (filmed in Toronto), features McAdams portraying Paige, one-half of a very happily married very much in love. This heartbreaking and triumphant love story chronicles the lives of the married couple -- Paige and Leo (Tatum) -- after they both miraculously survive a near fatal car accident. Although they walk away from the accident with barely a scratch, tragically, they both soon discover that while Paige was physically unharmed, she has lost her memory. The most heartbreaking aspect of her memory loss is that she now only consider her husband, Leo, the man she fell in love with, a stranger. Worst still, Paige doesn't have a single recollection of their perfect marriage together. Realizing he may lose his wife's love forever, Leo takes it upon himself to try to win back Paige's heart and her mind.
During her interview, the funny and sweet McAdams, a native of London, Ontario, also recalls how she met he costar, Channing Tatum, while he was in a dress, explains what the two of them have in common, what it was like ripping off her clothes and running into Lake Michigan, and in a candid admission, McAdams recalls that single moment that changed her life and helped turn her into an actress -- and made her realize she could make a career out of it.
Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum in  The Vow
Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum in 'The Vow'
Do you think the idea of one great love of your life is a romantic idea? Is it simple fiction that we want to believe in or is that a reality in the world today?
"I do believe that you can fall in love with more than one person, but I think that there's that one person that comes along that you want to do that with, you want to make a different kind of commitment to them that is maybe, hopefully, forever. I think at a certain point you do make a choice when there's someone that comes along that you want to do that with. I don't know if there's just one person that you can fall in love with. I think that love is such an intense and wonderful thing. It can be applied in many different forms and it is so unpredictable and it kind of happens to you. I do think at a certain point you have a fair amount of control. Love happens to you in the beginning, but then you get to make a really epic choice. You're sort of allowed to take it into your own hands and make something really miraculous out of it."
What does The Vow really say about love?
"I think the message here, which is true, is that love can survive a lot. But the film also says that it takes work to stay in love and sometimes you have to overcome large challenges."
Director Michael Sucsy with Rachel and Channing  on the set of  The Vow
Director Michael Sucsy with Rachel and Channing on the set of 'The Vow'
What do you feel was the toughest point of the film for your character, Paige?
"She doesn’t want to remember their love at one point, which was tricky. You still had to make the film sympathetic. You want the audience to root for this couple. You want them to get back together, but we had to finesse it and see how far we could get away from their love and still leave a shred of hope."
With The Vow, did you want to play to your fans who loved all the romantic torment your character went through in The Notebook?
"I wasn’t playing to a fan base with this film. Honestly, I was just excited to work with Chan (Tatum). And this was a new take on a classical love story and one that I had never seen before. Also, the story is actually based on a real-life couple where she had a brain injury and didn’t remember him, but they reconnected and got back together. Now, they have a lovely family. I thought that was really a worthwhile story to tell."
Is it true you first met Channing when he was in a dress?
"During our first meeting for The Vow, Channing came bounding into the door with his three dogs who just about knocked me down. I was trying on dresses for the film and he began to try the dresses on to break the ice. He kept saying, ‘Rachel, I think I look better in this than you do.' Yes, like most guys when it comes to dresses, he’s very helpful!’"
McAdams and Channing
McAdams and Channing
Did Channing do anything else on the set that made you laugh?
"I did ride my bike to the set in Toronto and he was always making fun of my helmet. He would say, ‘What’s with the Starship Troopers headpiece."
What did the two of you have in common?
"We both pretty much love all junk food. I was always like, ‘Channing, what are you eating? What’s in your pocket?’ He would say, ‘Don’t worry about what’s in my pocket. You tell me yours first and then I’ll tell you mine.’ We had three days until we’d have to have not so many clothes on. So, suddenly we would both start to workout and do push-ups. I’d ask Channing what he was doing and he’d say, ‘I’m going to run home from set today although it’s a long run and it’s gonna suck.’"
What was it like to do the sexy scene where you rip off your clothes and jump into Lake Michigan?
"I did it, but it wasn’t romantic at heart. It was acting because I was worried about the water. I was concerned about staph infections! So, they did test the water and it was clean. Then I was much happier!"
Rachel and Channing in  The Vow
Rachel and Channing in 'The Vow'
This film is about that one moment that changes your life. Did you ever have one of those moments?
"I definitely thank my drama teacher, Linda Maskell-Pereira, every day of my life for intercepting me on my way to college. I was going to take cultural studies or something and our college applications were due. I hadn't seen her all term. One day I was just walking around at lunch and I bumped in to her and she said, 'Oh, college applications are due today? What are you taking?' I said, 'Cultural studies. Don't ask me what that means.' She said, 'I really thought that you would do theater.' I was like, 'I didn't know that I could go to college and get a degree in theater.' She said, 'Of course you can. Don't be ridiculous.' So, I just marched right into my guidance office and I said, 'Can I please have my application?' I didn't even know anything about the theater programs at the schools I'd applied to. I just scratched out cultural studies, put in theater and my whole life changed."
Then what happened?
"The next thing I knew I was looking for dramatic monologues and comedic monologues and I was having to sing songs and do dances. I was on this runaway train."
What was your first indication that you could actually do this as a career -- and that you could make a living as a real actor?
"Well, I didn't know. I thought that I would go to theater school and would always do theater and maybe I'd run a little children's theater company because that's where I had started doing theater when I was, like, eleven or twelve. My mom is still disappointed that I didn't do that. Then I got a movie straight out of university. I got an Italian film. I was suddenly speaking Italian. I don't know how to speak Italian and I was shooting and doing love scenes on the beach in Sicily. I thought, 'Well, I'll just go with this now. This could work.'"
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