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article imageVideo: Mysterious Unidentified Floating Object filmed in deep sea

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 9, 2012 in Science
A mysterious blob was filmed floating in deep-sea using a remotely operated underwater camera. Viewers with background in marine biology have been speculating on YouTube and Reddit about what this strange Unidentified Floating Object might be.
Daily Mail reports it does not look like any other marine life form known, but many have suggested it could be a jellyfish while others say it could be whale placenta.
According to The Huffington Post, the most widely accepted suggestion is that it is some kind of jellyfish. But the film shows the "blob" has organs and appendages that have never been seen on any species of jellyfish.
The second suggestion is that it could be whale placenta. But some viewers point to the hexagonal shapes on the skin, saying they do not fit the description of whale placenta.
According to Daily Mail, some viewers suggested that if it is jellyfish then it could possibly be Stygiomedusa Gigantea, a type of jellyfish known to grow up to six meters in length. Jellyfish of this species have been spotted only about 114 times in 110 years, so little is known about details of the gross anatomy and appearance of the species. The mysterious appendages raise questions about the suggestion that the "blob" is a jellyfish. Attempts to explain the appendages have led other viewers to suggest it is Deepstaria Engimatica another very rare colorless jellyfish.
The Huffington Post reports the anatomy of Deepstaria Enigmatica fits the observation of hexagonal markings visible on the creature. Previous description of the species says it has a brown stomach "somewhat irregular-edged, forming a reticulate network." The Huffington Post reports that the Marine Species Identification Portal says Deepstaria enigmatica is found in the South Atlantic Ocean, with a bell that can measure up to 60cm in diameter. The marine animal has “oral arms” that end in “curious hook-shaped organs."
But still, the problem of what appears appendages on the animal remains unsolved, and a frustrated viewer has suggested it could simply be a fishing net.
Questions have also been raised about where exactly the video was filmed. According to Daily Mail, the video was posted to YouTube on April 27 and seemed to have been filmed two days earlier. But the poster of the film deepens the mystery of the Unidentified Floating Object by failing to leave details about where it was filmed.
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