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article imageOp-Ed: Darwin's Theory and Creationism -- Deceptions on Human origins?

By Raymond Samuels     May 8, 2012 in World
Who are we as human beings? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why are we all here on Earth? What is the purpose, if any, of our species? How might prevailing problems on our planet Earth relate to the question of our true human origins?
In the recently published "Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution", conveys a common understanding of our human origins. In a generally reputed sharp contrast, Church hierarchies advocate "Creationism" as accounting for human origins. But, suppose both of these theories have been orchestrated to "sidetrack" humanity away from having a mutual critical appreciation of our true origins?
Could the explanations for our origins as human beings in the form of “Creation Theory” and ‘Darwinian Evolution’, have been spread into our civilizations by the operatives of interdimensional entities?
Gerry Zeitlin suggests that Creation Theory and ‘Darwinian Evolution’ are not opposing views. Rather, Zeitlin suggests that Creation Theory and Darwinian Evolution were spread through the use of operatives of interdimensional archons, in order to reinforce one another
Mr. Zeitlin is a co-founder of Open SETI, which suggests that elites have sought to cover-up rather than share their knowledge about human origins. Dr. Michael Cremo reinforces Zeitlin's insight on an apparent cover-up by elites on their knowledge about our true human origins. [video attached]
Ha ha.. that is very funny… There is no such thing as ETs… “. Perhaps you might also add: “Well, maybe there are aliens somewhere in the universe.. but if they had been on Earth, I would know about it.” Perhaps you know everything there is to know. Perhaps you might have also been among those people who thought that Galieo’s testimony, that the Earth was round and orbited around the sun, was also the ranting of a madman or some sort equivalent of a “conspiracy theorists” of the time.
As humans, we often like to quickly dismiss “stories” of alien contact with human throughout history and even into present, because we, as humans, have been conditioned to accept certain “truths” of our origins. As human beings we have been socialized to accept one of two explanations of our origins as human beings. The two explanations are that we were either created by generally benevolent God(s) or have “evolved” from a primitive ape-like state.
As humans, modern capitalist society has conditioned us to govern ourselves with at least one of these psychological templates. So, when someone or a group presents us with “stories” of aliens which do not have an official part of our conception on ourselves as a species, such detail becomes quickly discarded as “garbage information”.
To consider the validity of manipulative or ethical alien contact with humans is to question our human origins. But, it is our resistance to questioning the integrity of the two dominant explanations for human origins, not something that may be at the root of our willingness to appreciate worsening problems on our planet Earth, that we as humans observe.
These problems include ecocide and environmental degradation in general, the proliferations of wars; oppression in general; genocide and other crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, and also the inflictions of violent crime and various social injustices.
What if our efforts to redress such problems are predicated on knowledge about our human origins, that have been repressed by the very alien contact that we have refused to consider in relation to our human “state of being”.“Ground Zero” of humanity’s problems may lie in reflecting and solving one basic question that Creationism and Darwinian Evolution theories have sought to conceal from our critical knowledge: “Who are we as human beings?” This perspective is elaborated in The Canadian.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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