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article imageIn Thailand, creepy bees suck on human tears

By Tucker Cummings     May 8, 2012 in Environment
Consider yourself warned: if you start crying on the streets of Thailand, you might just find a swarm of bees landing on your face.
Strange but true: the bees in Thailand have been known to drink tears from people's eyes. The bees are attracted to the eyes because of the salt content, think of your eyeball as a salt lick for insects.
These aren't bumblebees, but a much smaller species called Lisotrigona. Researchers in Thailand were able to capture 262 of the tiny bugs for further study. But to do so, they had to use their own eyes as bait, in some cases, even blinking couldn't dislodge a feeding bee from its perch on the corner of an eye.
Similar types of bees can be found in the US. For example, NYC is home to a species of bees that drink human sweat. For these tiny insects, our body fluids are more refreshing than Gatorade.
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