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article imageChinese capsules with human baby flesh powder seized in S. Korea

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 7, 2012 in World
Seoul - Shocked South Korean customs officials say they have found thousands of capsules filled with powdered human baby flesh. According to South Korean officials, dried human baby flesh is in high demand because it is considered "cure all" medication.
Daily Mail reports that the trade in the "cure all" capsules is run from China. According to The Telegraph, the capsules are manufactured in northeastern China, but South Korean custom officials refused to say where the dead babies came from or who made the capsules, citing possible diplomatic friction with Beijing.
But Daily Mail reports that the raw materials for the capsules are sourced by manufacturers from abortion hospitals and delivery homes in cases of still-births.The remains are purchased from the primary sources, stored in refrigerators and taken to medical centers with medical drying microwaves facilities.
The corpses are dried, chopped to pieces and pounded in a mortar into powder and processed into capsules with herbs added too disguise the true ingredients from investigators..
Daily Mail reports Chinese officials are aware of the trade and have been trying to stop exportation of the capsules, but thousands of packets continue to be smuggled into South Korea where there is a huge demand for a bizarre variety of alternative medicine products, including rhino horns, tiger and elephant penis, dog and cat flesh, all believed to have medicinal properties.
According to Daily Mail, microwave dried human placenta is in high demand due to its alleged medicinal properties. It is believed to improve blood supply and circulation.
Authorities in Asia are worried about the trade in baby flesh capsules and fear that it may be sold to gullible and unsuspecting buyers on Internet. South Korean custom officials say they are on alert and are searching suspicious packages brought into the country from China.
Korean officials say 35 cases of attempted smuggling of the capsules have been discovered since August last year, involving more than 17,000 capsules advertised as "stamina boosters."
The Huffiington Post reports that allegation that human baby flesh capsules were being smuggled was first made last year in a South Korean television documentary. A south Korean team ran DNA tests on the powder and determined it was 99.7 percent human flesh. According to The San Francisco Times, the test even determined the sex of the babies used.
Even though there is a huge demand for this sickening preparation, tests confirmed that the capsules contain harmful super-bacteria and other ingredients that can harm human health. According to The Huffington Post, a custom official said: "It was confirmed those capsules contain materials harmful to the human body, such as super bacteria. We need to take tougher measures to protect public health."
The Huffington Post reports that none of the smugglers have been punished so far because the amounts involved are too small. Most cases involve ethnic Koreans from north east China who claim they bought them for personal use and not for trade. According to The Huffington Post, smugglers often claim they are not aware that the capsules contain human baby flesh and say they simply thought they were "stamina boosters."
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