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article imageVideo: Babies battle it out for possession of pacifier

By Leigh Goessl     May 6, 2012 in Lifestyle
A YouTube video posted in Nov. 2010 is suddenly attracting a lot of attention on the Web this week. The footage shows two babies battling it out to take possession of a pacifier.
The video shows two twin baby girls sitting across from one another. Each baby systematically grabs the binky from the other and pops it in the mouth. Once one baby starts happily sucking away, the other reaches forward and takes it. The deliberate movement of each baby is quite evident.
But the viewer doesn't get to see how it turns out in the end.
The clip is titled "Pacifier war" and just over 30 seconds long and, even if based simply on the cuteness factor, it's not surprising to see why the video is gaining so much attention. As of May 6, 2012, the clip has gotten 1,116,557 views.
HollyBaby reports mom of the identical twin girls, Lauren Seger, made the video for her mother to see over a year ago. The girls are named Lily and Diana and are now two years old.
The timing of the popularity of this video featuring pacifiers is interesting since just this past week a report on pacifiers was presented at a medical conference. Some doctors are saying pacifiers are not necessarily harmful to breastfeeding, which contradicts earlier beliefs.
This recent study is considered preliminary and has not yet been peer reviewed or published in a medical hournal, reported U.S. News.
For a long time it has been believed that pacifiers help contribute to "nipple confusion" and breastfeeding new moms were advised to avoid pacifiers and bottles so their babies could adapt to nursing at the breast.
However, these two babies in the video do not appear to be confused in the least, they both want that binky and show no shyness about it. So while pacifiers may not be not harmful to breastfeeding, perhaps the plastic nipples bode well for baby rivalry, and, in this situation, aid in teaching social skills or how to be assertive. Or maybe they were simply just learning how to share.
As The Stir points out, is there is no screaming or crying, "just sheer will and determination."
The mom of the girls has posted several videos of the twins, most recently on May 4 that shows them reacting to being on TV (it wasn't said, but this viral video of the pacifier war might have been the occasion).
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