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article imageLargest known crocodile could swallow a human if it wanted to

By Owen Weldon     May 5, 2012 in World
Researchers have said that the largest known crocodile was large enough to have swallowed a human being if it wanted to.
The crocodile that researchers were referring to was more than 27 feet long. The crocodile use to roam and live in East Africa.
According to Zee News, the large crocodile lived in Kenya around 4 million years ago. The new species resembles the Nile crocodile. However, the large crocodile was much more massive than the present day Nile crocodile.
Christopher Brochu, who led the research team, said that the crocodile is the largest known crocodile. Brochu also said that the crocodile may have even gotten longer than 27 feet long.
According to Science Daily, Brochu said that the giant crocodile lived alongside their ancestors, but the ancestors were probably eaten by the giant crocodile.
Brochu also said that the crocodiles usually ate whatever they could swallow. Humans back then, about 4 million years ago, were usually no taller than 4 feet tall.
According to Phys, the name of the new species is Crocodylus thorbjarnarsoni.
The crocodile is named after the famed crocodile expert, John Thorbjarnarson. Thorbjarnarson was a colleague of Brochu but he died several years ago. He died of malaria while he was in the field.
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