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article imageDespicable crimes UK — fraud, porn, rape, and granny bashing

By Alexander Baron     May 5, 2012 in Crime
Revenge, the love of money, rape, and wanton brutality made the headlines in some recent crimes perpetrated and punished in the UK.
There are some people we trust with our money, often out of necessity. We trust bankers - or we used to - but even if they lose billions while awarding themselves massive bonuses, we would like to think they won't actually plunder our accounts, forge our signatures and donate the money to sick animals. Well, this one did, but he didn't realise they were sick when he backed them!
It is not clear if the Accrington bank employer was backing horses, dogs, or something on two legs, but it is clear that he did so with the money of a 90 year old customer, Dennis Taylor - the namesake of a famous professional snooker player. Ironically, the sign of his now former employer, Lloyds TSB, is the black horse; perhaps it should be changed to the lame horse?
At this trial, there was no shortage of glowing character references for Matthew Hayhurst: conduct wholly out of character was one phrase used. Well, not wholly, a one-off theft would have been wholly out of character, but to syphon off 91 grand over a 16 month period demonstrates a pattern. Hayhurst was said to have become a compulsive gambler. There is a saying that every compulsive gambler mush reach his own rock bottom: for some this is skid row, for others, the river, for Mr Hayhurst it is - hopefully - clink, to which he has been sentenced for what some might consider a lenient 18 months.
Here is some advice, Matthew, obviously your career in banking is over, period, but the next time you rip somebody off, the sentence will be a lot heavier, even if you steal a lot less, so don't do it. And, if you can't break the habit, stick to small stakes on Party Poker or some other website where you rely on your own skill at the table, rather than on someone else's ability. And if times are really hard, you can even play for free.
One final thought, if Matthew Hayhurst was sentenced to 18 months for stealing a mere ninety-one thousand pounds, how many years should the banksters who have caused the current world crisis be sentenced to?
It is not only the banks who are entrusted with people's money, but accountants, and sometimes they too develop sticky fingers, such was the case with Jennifer Colenso. While Matthew Hayhurst is a foolish young man who has thrown away a bright future by ripping off a vulnerable old man, Colenso is an old woman who ripped off an animal charity. To the tune of £99,500. This was not in her professional capacity as an accountant but as voluntary treasurer of the North Devon Animal Ambulance. Unlike Matthew Hayhurst, she repaid all the money, but that didn't save her from a 14 month sentence when she appeared at Exeter Crown Court.
From money to sex, well, revenge actually, but sex played a large part in it. A two year gaol sentence for posting home made sex videos on-line sounds a bit steep, especially when both parties were clearly consenting, but as usual the devil is in the detail. Lee Ball and his unnamed former mistress had a fairly brief affair, during which she posed for him in a number of explicit...hmm, too much detail, but you get the drift.
After she broke off their relationship, he decided to show off his creations to the world, advertising the videos to her friends with abusive messages. He was also said to have scrawled similar messages on the back door of her house - which could be construed as criminal damage. His behaviour over a period of 9 months earned him a 2 year sentence when he appeared at Cardiff Crown Court. He was said to have no less than 99 previous convictions, which presumably were trivial matters like drunkenness and driving offences, otherwise why was he on the street in the first place?
What is more despicable than a man who rapes a drunken woman? How about a woman who tries to buy the silence of the victim?
Still at Cardiff Crown Court, taxi driver Asif Iqbal of Newport has been convicted of raping two women passengers who were the worse for drink. A woman who gets drunk, goes home with a man then can't remember what happened the next morning, is one thing, but a woman who hires a taxi and is then driven to a secluded lane and raped, is a different proposition. What is so astonishing about this case is the perverted loyalty of Iqbal's wife, who attempted to bribe one of the victims into withdrawing her complaint. She was given a six month sentence; he was given twelve years. As with Ched Evans, this sentence might be construed as lenient, but the police will have given Mr Iqbal the opportunity to confess to any other rapes or assaults he may have committed - and as they suspect he has. As he has not come clean, should any other victims be located, when he has completed his sentence he can expect to walk out of the prison gate and into the friendly arms of plod for an action replay, and another few years on top. Or maybe not such a few.
While a taxi driver who rapes two or possibly more women can be written off as one depraved individual, the same cannot be said for gang rape, which appears to be on the rise in Britain, and the most shocking thing about it is the not the age of the victims - 11 years old in this case - but the ages of the perpetrators.
On February 29, two youths - 15 year old Ibraheem Giwa and an as yet unnamed 16 year old - were convicted of the rape of an 11 year old girl. Two other youths of similar ages were acquitted. Giwa was given five years, and his co-defendant two years. The first thing one notices about these sentences is their extraordinary leniency. If two men had raped an 11 year old girl they could expect much heavier sentences, but when one learns that this was not one rape but a series of attacks that took place over a seven month period, one has to ask if they are not so much unduly lenient as insulting, yet there is no suggestion that the prosecution is to appeal.
Finally, if the gang rape of an 11 year old girl is not the most despicable crime here, then it must surely be the vicious and apparently motiveless assault on a 94 year old woman in her own bed. The photograph at the top of this article was released by West Midlands Police. It shows Emma Winnall in her hospital bed after an attack which left her with a fractured skull, broken arm and wrist and a partially severed finger.
According to Detective Chief Inspector Sarb Johal, nothing appears to have been stolen from her premises, and the victim appears to have been assaulted with some sort of implement. The old lady was found by her carer on Tuesday morning; the perpetrator has not yet been found, but he needs to be. A man who will commit a crime of this nature is capable of anything.
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