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article imageSinger Lee Safar hopes 'Missing Sweet Angels' brings a child home Special

By KJ Mullins     May 4, 2012 in World
Project Missing Sweet Angels is a project close to singer Lee Safar's heart. A new video featuring six missing children from around the world is hoping that social media will bring these kids home.
Every day a child vanishes. For many the golden hour disappears far to quickly and the minutes turn to hours, days and then years. On May 1 the video Missing Sweet Angels went live on YouTube featuring Jessie Foster from Canada, Andrew Gosden of the UK, Dirk Schiller of Germany and Americans Ayla Reynolds, Adrianna Hope Garcia and Sarah Kinslow.
Safar's music has been featured in the Twilight movie series. After being forbidden to pursue music at the age of 17 because of family cultural beliefs Safar returned to her musical yearnings at the age of 29. Today she lives in Hollywood living her dream of making music with her own label, The House of Jote. Her current project, Missing Sweet Angels, has touched her strongly. She is committed to helping bring awareness to the realities of child stranger abductions.
"Each child's story is heartbreaking," Lee Safar said during a phone interview, "You feel for the parents. Knowing that the likelihood of the kids returning home as times goes on is unlikely."
Lee said that she has not been touched herself by the horror of child abduction nor had anyone who was on the project.
"I'm a normal person not touched by stranger abduction but after learning about the need I realized we have to get the awareness of stranger abduction out there," Lee said that many of the child taken by a stranger could be alive and not even know they were abducted.
"We are hoping that one of the kids featured on the video sees themselves," Lee said adding that the parents of adopted children could see their child not knowing that their loved one was abducted.
Safar says that this is a topic that no one wants to talk about. It's too scary to think about your child being snatched away home but that awareness of the golden first hours have to get more press.
While the project was in production it was difficult to get families agree to be part of the video. Safar understands saying, "These parents don't have a lot of trust. So many people have tried to milk them and take advantage of their story."
Many parents had responded initially to the project but did not want to sign the disclaimer. Those parents are now asking to be part of any additional videos after seeing the finished project.
"If one child is found we will do another video," Lee said with passion.
That could happen. The video has only been out since May 1 and there are leads to one of the children.
"I'm asking fans to get everyone to see the video and share it. Please make a donation!," Safar said.
Safar's song is online and available for download with donations requested. The funds will cover this campaign and non-profits globally that focus on on the education of children and teens about stranger danger and human sex/labour trafficking of children, as well as organisations targeted at looking for missing children.
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