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article imageOp-Ed: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Browser or Spyware? Special

By Steffan Ileman     May 4, 2012 in Internet
A mysterious Internet Explorer malfunction has inflicted some users of this popular Internet browser. Instead of recording visited URL's on the Internet IE 9 is tracking down and recording documents opened in the computer, raising privacy concerns.
I'm not a satisfied user of Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 9. It's too slow for my new computer with the new generation Intel chip that's supposed to be lightning fast. Links only work if I click on them at least twice. Sometimes the browser freezes in the middle of watching a YouTube video. I attributed that to Windows 7 and possible compatibility issues with Norton 360, but now I'm not sure. My old laptop with the old IE and Windows Vista was faster and more efficient with handling data.
A few days ago I started getting error messages from Norton for outbound Outlook email. Some messages were delivered, others were not. I found out that I wasn't the only one. Possible culprits for the "dysfunction" included Telus and Norton, and Microsoft updates, but nobody knew for sure.
Now there's an even more disturbing development. As I discovered a few days ago, Internet Explorer 9 doesn't record my browsing history although I haven't made any changes to the registry or browser settings. Apparently IE stopped recording browsing history as of Monday, April 30th, the D-Day. I can probably live without the history, but what concerns me is another and unexpected habit suddenly acquired by Microsoft's popular browser. As of Monday April 30th Internet Explorer 9 has been tracking down my documents instead, recording all documents I have opened in my computer under the heading "Computer."
For what purpose would an Internet browser track down the documents in your computer? Has it been recording documents all along? Is that information transmitted to Microsoft or another party?
As I discovered on Internet forums, I'm not the only one to experience this "malfunction", and a lot of users are asking each other why and how to fix it. So far nobody knows for sure. What concerns me is the personal privacy issue. Why would Microsoft build into a browser the ability to track down your documents that have nothing to do with surfing the Internet? Is it a malfunction, or part of a program deliberately designed to snoop around your computer that has been cracked open by mistake? Let cyber-sleuths mull over that for a while...
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