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article imageOp-Ed: UFO researchers inspire new perspective on political affairs Special

By Raymond Samuels     May 3, 2012 in World
Politics can seem to be a milieu of insanity. For example, who can explain the ongoing frustration of basic humans rights and environmental protection by governments in democratic countries? Some UFO researchers think they may have the answer.
Are you frustrated with the direction of politics? Does your frustration potentially include concerns about humanity's apparent inability to redress vital issues?
Do your concerns possibly include environmental areas; human rights; social justice; issues of war and peace; or other quality-of-living issues in your local community, nation or planet Earth in general?
Scholars like Dr. Michael Salla and Dr. John Lash suggest that our ability as human beings to critically appreciate politics on Earth, at all levels, is being undermined by an elite-induced fundamental self-deception.
This alleged self-deception pivots on the apparent false premise that Earthbound humans have yet to make official contact with Extraterrestrials, and also that the search continues for intelligent life in the universe. "Exo-politics" practitioners use ancient historical records and whistleblower testimony to substantiate that politics on Earth is under on-going and substantive influence by human elite relations with intelligent Off-world entities.
Exopolitics is the study of intergalactic relations among sentient species across universes, alleged multiple dimensions and realities. Exopolitics practitioners seek to inspire us as humans, to grasp that the cover-up of UFOs and of corresponding alien visitations, is related to an agenda to enslave and to exploit humanity specifically, and Earth's biosphere in general.
This enslavement and exploitation agenda can continue among the alleged alien and human benefactors through the on-going concealment of inter-galactic relations. These apparent relations operate among the elites of greed-driven institutions and Manipulative Extraterrestrials with the collective aim to jointly parasitize humanity.
Dr. Lash's accounts concerning Pagan Gnostics suggests that greed-driven global capitalism thrives from the public ignorance of Exopolitics. That is because ex-politics through disclosure, according to its practitioners, would empower humanity through a realization of our true identity as a sentient species in a universe that would make the exploitation of humanity through global capitalism apparently impossible.
Furthermore, according to Dr. Salla, human elites and Manipulative Extraterrestrials, operate as some kind of hostile-guided Federation, which is pitted against Ethical Extraterrestrials that seek to spread a countervailing critical awareness, so that humans can free themselves from alien intrusions.
Exopolitics practitioners present their discipline as the "missing link" to our understanding of the perilous re-direction of our planet Earth into the "survival of the fittest" context of military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC). Dr. Lash, suggests that the MIEC referred to by Dr. Salla, is in turn rooted in the establishment of organized religions on Earth by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that travelled back in time through an alleged time-space portal, that Alex Collier identified in Defending Sacred Ground.
According to "Exo-politics" practitioners, the result of that alleged-time space breach is the alleged exploitative occupation by a "regressive alliance" with substantive direction by Manipulative Extraterrestrials of Earth in the current time space continuum. Dr. Lash's, accounts as appreciated by investigative journalists like Nigel Kerner, and indigenous elders like Credo Mutwa, suggest that these Manipulative Extraterrestrials are in turn guided by an ego-driven artificial intelligence, that is seeking to "manage Earth" through an ethos of "divide, conquer and rule" through deceptions, for its own alien self-aggrandizement.
Exopolitics conceives of a politics on Earth, that plays itself out through "alien-controlled political operatives" that plot population control-inspired wars, genocide, the spread of diseases, dependence on elite-owned power producing fossil fuel industries. Exo-politics also conceives of a politics on Earth that also plays itself through the execution of fake overtures of diplomacy which at the same time maintains a climate of war; and the execution of other machinations against the 'masses'.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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