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article imageVideo: 'Roadrunner' ostrich runs amok in Saudi Arabian traffic

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 3, 2012 in Internet
A footage of an ostrich running amok on the busy streets of the Saudi Arabian town of Abha has been posted online. The ostrich, which may have escaped from a nearby farm, looks very confused and scared of the unfamiliar alien of automobiles.
The video was posted to YouTube by user DurrDeeDoo on April 30.
The 2 minute clip shows the 400lb "roadrunner" bounding down streets and darting between lanes and traffic with drivers swerving to avoiding collision. The Guardian reports the bird nearly caused a few accidents. observes that though it exhibits an impressive pace on the road, it seems to have no knowledge of basic traffic rules as it ignores the traffic signals, changing lanes randomly.
At a point in the clip, the 8ft animal bumps into a car, but so determined is it to escape that it leaps to its feet instantly and tears down the road.
The animal's fright is not helped by the fact that several drivers are attempting to catch up with it so they can capture it on their cellphones and hopefully produce a viral video.
Daily Mail reports that an eyewitness in the southern town of Abha, said: "It was running randomly among the cars, causing a traffic jam and attracting a big crowd."
Nobody seemed to know where the ostrich came from though it was assumed that it escaped from a nearby farm.
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